Some of the moments captured by the team at Techstars’ Global Startup Weekend 2016🌍💙 Special thanks to Jose Iglesias at Techstars and Startup Weekend Facilitator, Sussi Bianco, for their images!

Global Startup Weekend — Connecting entrepreneurs across countries 🌍

To celebrate the partnership between Techstars’ Startup Weekend and our team participated as mentors, judges, team members and speakers in Barcelona, Bergen, Dublin, Utrecht and Stavanger at the same time as we got to see how was used for international collaboration. Here’s a few glimpses from two amazing weekends! Written by Marketing Manager Meri Sorgaard.

Teams collaborating over at Startup Weekend in Utrecht 😀

Dublin 🇮🇪 🍀 🍻

Our Customer Relationship Manager, Børge, and iOS Developer Chris visited Startup Weekend in Dublin, and they were both amazed to witness the passion and excitement the participants put in to their ideas and work. How in just a short weekend of intensive work great ideas where made, whereof several teams are now actually perusing them. Also, to the rest of us, it seems like the afterparty in Dublin rocked a little bit extra 🎉 🍀

“GSW might be the best arena to come to to test your ideas, or even just to learn more about entrepreneurship or get inspired.” — Børge Dvergsdal, CRM

Bergen & Stavanger 🇳🇴 🌧 ☔ ️

Startup Weekend is a great place to network and meet many different kinds of people. Our Product Manager and Co-Founder, Ingrid, visited Startup Weekend Stavanger where she held a crash course in user research. Also, we saw on Twitter that her group in the Half Baked brainstorming exercise resulted with an “alerting service for hippopotamous”. What on earth is that 😂? We actually heard that sometimes Half Baked ideas are pitched …

Jamy, one of our developers mentoring at Startup Weekend Bergen, expected every person at the event to be a developer or a designer, which turned out not to be the case at all! Myself I participated as a speaker and a judge, and the biggest surprise to me was how all the teams spent close to all 54 hours at the venue to work on their ideas. I found this very impressive! We both found that Startup Weekend is a very good place to practice entrepreneurial skills as well as people skills. Both Jamy and I can’t wait to go to another one soon 😊

“Being a mentor showed me that the experience I’ve had throughout my career has actually made a big affect on how I go about tackling problems.” — Jamy Golden, Developer.
The winners of Startup Weekend Bergen came up with Swancy — a bit like tinder, but for your wardrobe!

Utrecht 🇳🇱 🌷 🧀

Our iOS developer, Yuriy, has spent the past two weeks working remotely from different locations in the Netherlands. He rounded it all up with what he refers to as a fantastic time at Global Startup Weekend in Utrecht. Yuriy participated as a developer in one of the teams that built an app prototype called Campfire. Campfire is a social app for spontaneous gatherings, and they even got a landing page up over the weekend!

Startup Weekend Utrecht connecting to 8 other cities over 💻📱🎥

Barcelona 🇪🇸 🌴🍷

While Jamy and I wore raincoats and boots for most of the weekend in Bergen, Hector and Chris sent us cheesy t-shirt pictures from lovely Barcelona where they both attended as mentors.

Coffe and sunshine in Barcelona ☕️

Chris, who attended in both Dublin and in Barcelona experienced the two events he attended very differently. A learning from this might be that it can be worth visiting another city the next time you want to take part of a Startup Weekend. The learning outcome depends a lot on several details around the event. The outcome from two weekends and two locations can be valuable in different ways — and that’s the magic about it, isn’t it?

“It was great to see how the teams refined their ideas as they gathered feedback.” — Hector Gomez, Senior Developer

Anticlimax 🙃

It’s now Monday afternoon after the second round of Global Startup Weekend, and it feels so quiet. We’ve been living inside of a #GSW2016 bubble for the past two weekends and also had the pleasure of getting to know enthusiastic, intelligent, hilarious, thoughtful, sometimes crazy and definitely creative entrepreneurs from around the globe. Now it’s back to normal, and we’re trying to digest all the fantastic impressions while we already dream of the next Startup Weekends to come!

We’d love to hear your stories and about your #GSW2016 experience! Tweet us using the #GSW2016 tag and @appear_in, or comment below 🙂 Thumbs up and all the best from the team ⬇️

If you’re thinking that this is something you want to experience again, or for the first time, then join and find a Startup Weekend close to (or far away from) you!