Tech product review: The Huddly Go webcam by Huddly Inc.

For two weeks I’ve used the intelligent wide-angle camera Huddly Go for all my remote meetings. Here’s a product review and some tips for you to get the most out of your Huddly camera.

The first impression I had of Huddly Go is that it comes in sleek and beautiful packaging. It’s tempting to see what’s inside the little purple box!

A camera and a cord. That’s it. Not surprisingly, Huddly Go is just as beautiful on the inside of the neat little case. The instructions are smoothly presented in the wrapping of the cable, and everything else you might want to know about the software is to be found on the Huddly website. So simple!

I feel like I appear (pun intended) way more professional when using a proper wide angle camera for my meetings. And right now I think Huddly Go is the best product on the market!

In addition to it’s elegant exterior, Huddly Go is super easy (seriously) to set up. When using it with, all you need to do is to plug it in using the USB-cord that comes with it. Once you’ve entered your room, quickly change the camera settings in the top bar, and you’re ready to hustle (see video below). To be honest I never even read the manual before I decided to write a review 😂 That makes for some serious creds!

What does Huddly Go add to my workday?

First of all I feel like I appear (pun intended) way more professional when using a proper wide angle camera for my meetings. It’s like I’m inviting people into “my office” and the feedback I’ve gotten is exactly that this is how it’s received at the other end. I’m pointing this out because one might think that a wide angle would add an unnatural feeling and view. This is not the case with Huddly Go. The total verdict is that Huddly Go must be the best product of it’s kind on the market! If I had a dice it would get 6/6.

To get the most out of your Huddly Go, I have a few tips (scroll down ⬇️).

Here I am in my popcorn t-shirt using Huddly Go, while my colleague Børge is using the built in camera on his laptop.
  1. A pro tip for using Huddly with, is to add ?widescreen to the room link, if you’re in a large meeting with lots of people in front of one camera. This gives you the full frame from the camera, in widescreen format. So the room link will then be The “?widescreen” trick also works when not using a Huddly Go!
  2. Add it to your packing list (blog post coming up)! Bring it with you when you pack for longer periods of remote work. It makes you appear a lot more professional when inviting external people to meetings while you’re in fact not in a “real” office.
  3. Use it together with Bose Headphones when alone in a meeting or Jabra mic/speaker when in a group setting to max the professional feel.
❤️ I try to share a bit from my everyday life as a remote worker and traveller on Instagram . Here I am practicing the light settings on my new Alpha camera from Sony. I’d love to connect with more likeminded people!

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