Get to know the world’s first subscription box for remote workers

Børge Dvergsdal
Oct 15, 2019 · 3 min read

At Whereby we believe that companies can build successful companies and live meaningful lives anywhere. We believe in a future where a remote work culture becomes the new norm for most companies. offers the world's first subscription box for remote workers. We think this is cool and much needed so we and have partnered with Anywheres. I have interviewed the founder Marc Curtis about Anywheres:

Ps Anywheres has been kind to give Whereby users 15 % off on the first box. See end of page to collect coupon information.

What is anywheres?

Put simply, Anywheres is a subscription box filled with things curated by remote workers, for remote workers. A combination of handy tools to help you be more productive and special treats to make you feel valued. Think Birchbox for remote workers!

How did it get started and why did you start it?

Working remotely for Lyreco (a global workplace supplies brand) led us to the realisation that as great as flexible working is, we are sometimes missing out on some of the perks and support our office-based peers have access to.

Anywheres was created to offer advice, tips, and tools to our fellow remote workers.

We conducted some research around remote work, and we found that overwhelmingly, our respondents cited that not having colleagues for support and to bounce ideas off was a major challenge. Our research also showed that remote workers often felt undervalued or less part of a team. this is despite the fact that companies benefit enormously from having a flexible workforce.

Why do you believe remote working is the future?

All the studies show that remote workers are more engaged, happier and more productive than their office-based counterparts. The ability to work from home or in other locations means that people who would otherwise struggle to rejoin the workforce (like parents with young kids) can provide real value to their employers. Additionally, rather than spending 3 hours a day commuting into a location you can not afford to live in, remote workers can spend more time with their family (and yes, working)!

Is it just about the employees?

Not at all! Companies are seeing the benefits of adopting flexible principles. Their recruitment pool is larger and their staff takes less time off sick. Beyond that, they can hire a diverse group of workers from all around the world, giving your company a valuable international perspective. Remote workers have also been shown to be more productive than traditional office workers

One of the major applications of the Anywheres box is for companies to treat their staff. If your team is not in regular contact with the office, a monthly box of treats and tools can really show your staff that they are valued.

Whereby users get 15 % off on the first Anywheres box. Use the following coupon code: OCT15 to collect your discount.

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