Our Remote Team: Welcoming Meghan

May 21, 2019 · 3 min read

Our remote team is continuing to grow at appear.in adding team members to new locations like Trondheim (Norway) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). We now operate from 11 different locations!

At appear.in one of our core values is to embrace flexibility. That means people can choose their own work location and work when they are most productive. We believe that if people can chose their own location and organize their life as they like, then both work happiness and productivity improve.

For example our new Support Specialist Meghan Gallagher is learning Spanish in Argentina while providing our customers with excellent service.

I had a chat with our new team member (over appear.in naturally) about joining the appear.in team and remote work culture.

Meet Meghan

Who are you?

Even though I’m originally from Wisconsin, I came to Argentina about three years ago, spending two and a half years in Posadas and the past seven months in Buenos Aires. The reason why I decided to make the jump to Argentina was because of my husband Matias. We had actually met in Europe but wanted to be closer and I wanted to learn more about Argentina :) When I came here this is when I was exposed to remote work and started working small jobs until I was working for an Amazon seller as a Customer Love Manager. As much as I loved working in e-commerce, I found that technical Customer Support positions were a little more challenging which was exactly what I was looking for!

Why did you want to join appear.in?

If I had to say why I chose appear.in in just one word, it would be transparency. From the blog to the knowledge base, one can tell right away that the company cares because they are transparent with their customers no matter what. Even through the interview process the transparency really shined.

What’s your experience with remote work?

I have been working remotely for about two and a half years. Ever since I came to Argentina this was a great way to find work for expats. Once an opportunity presented itself, I took it right away! After working a few months in my first full-time remote position, I made learning more about how to succeed in remote work a priority. My remote work experience comes from reading lots of blogs, talking to other fellow remote workers and most importantly adjusting my work habits to a remote lifestyle.

Why do you love most about remote work?

Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility. I cannot say flexibility enough because this word has come through for me in so many ways! Not only can changing locations such as working in a cafe or co-working space is nice but I feel like it makes me more productive and is always helpful to change environments. There were sometimes though where I was sick or needed to run a quick errand and was not worried about missing work because I could make up for that lost time later that evening or the next day. I believe that flexibility can make work less stressful thus resulting in more productivity and creativity!

Fun fact?

Even though I have dedicated a majority of my career in customer support, I actually majored in finance! Don’t get me wrong, any chance I get to use Google Sheets I love it!

What’s your favorite remote work hack?

Just a matter of a few weeks ago I stopped using the tool Toggl, previously it was required by my employers to send in our Toggl reports. The reason why I stopped using the time tracking tool was that I found myself working too hard and not being as productive. Even though I stopped using Toggl, I still keep track of the time that I am online and when I take breaks.

Welcome to the team Meghan!

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