De-coding India’s ‘freelancers’

In the simplest definition, a ‘freelancer’ is someone who is self-employed, derives gainful employment through various clients and assignments, and is not committed to a particular employer long term. The terms independent consultants, solopreneurs, contractors, independent professionals are also used for freelancers.

  • Professionals who opt to work independently after an extended stint in a corporate job.
  • Young mothers, professionals with personal commitments.
  • Professionals pursuing other interests/passions (music, writing etc).
  • Entrepreneurs who are also freelancing to keep cash-flows going.
  • Retired/semi-retired professionals looking to leverage their experience.
  • Professionals in creative and technical roles where freelancing seems more lucrative and exciting than a regular job.
  • Professionals who want to leverage their skills/knowledge post their regular hours.
  • Professionals who are in-between roles.



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