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When a sketch isn’t a sketch

The evolution of the humble sketch

The classic

The halfway house

Sketchy Keynote

Loosely un-designed

What’s in a sketch?

In the same way that pen and paper can bring freedom to generating ideas, does jumping straight to software make us over think our ideas at such an early user research stage? Is it worth cracking out the Sharpies to hand-render an idea at this moment in a project? In the eyes of our users, are computer-rendered sketches too close to reality, and not loose enough to interpret?

  • Focus on what you need to find out right now, that gives you the confidence to make progress
  • Select the level of fakery that best invites critique
  • Use just enough design to make it feel real



Stories by the people of Made by Many, a digital innovation consultancy.

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Adam Morris

Head of Product Design at The Economist. Previously at Made by Many