On second thought, I want a Smart President.

Remember when George W. Bush was elected supposedly because no one could see themselves going out for a beer with a stick in the mud like Al Gore? Do you remember how that drinking buddy litmus test turned out?. 911, Aluminum tubes, Iraq War, No WMD, War profiteering, Mission Accomplished, Housing Bubble, Lehman Bros. Great Recession, oh, and “Brownie you’re doing a heck of a Job!” Katrina non response?

I think being a President is a serious job for a sober, astute adult. I want my POTUS to be smarter and kinder than I am, not a beer buddy. Radical idea I know! Would you want the guy or girl you have to drive home hide their car keys or clean up in the toilet access to Nuclear Launch Codes?

It seems other democracies have managed to have Non-Barfly qualifications to select Chief Executives. The results are ASTOUNDING! They avoid sitting on their own balls AND are higher on the Happiness Index, have greater standards of living, longer life expectancy smaller infant mortality rates, incarcerate less of their populations and they have health care for all! Be that as it may. As good a drinking buddy and poor a President W. was? He wasn’t a narcissistic sociopath with delusions of empire. Like Lord DampNut.

By comparison, W. was an affable frat boy who enjoyed one too many but he’d tow the line and back down. #LordDampnut is the guy you avoid like the plague because the last time you went out he was a total drunken asshole, He stiffed the bartender, hit on anything in a skirt, and you babysat because his big mouth and small brain nearly earned him an ass kicking by another regular.

He’s an empty, surprisingly ill-fitting suit. (Dude, you’re Rich and the POTUS you don’t have to buy off the rack, get it together!) During his “Best attended inauguration in history” LordDampnut pouted like a soft headed, overgrown Hapsburg toddler denied the breast. Not an ounce of gravitas, humility, grace or even joy. He looked put upon and treated the mother of his child like The Help.

The chilling part is, as all spoiled children, once the petulant demand for the newest shiny bauble is sated, he grows bored and smashes it with sadistic glee. He is a man who has demonstrated his entire life that he knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Remember the Khans he treated so shabbily? Now they have another Gold Star family who share their loss, simply because he was impatient. Our servicemen and women aren’t toy soldiers. We owe them and their families a debt that can never be repaid and they deserve better.

Today, we stand at the brink of War potentially thousands of new Gold Star Families, with our strongest rivals at the same time we are losing the trust and supports of our closest Allies. We have robbed American Citizens of their Constitutional rights in defiance of Federal Judges injunctions solely based on their faith and ethnicity. Would you be okay with. a “Jew Ban”? If that idea makes you cringe. Congratulations! You’re not a Nazi.

Every social, environmental and financial regulatory law that protects the powerless from the powerful is being shredded as you read this. A White Supremacist out ranks our Joint Chiefs of Staff and has reign over Homeland Security. A corrupt racist and rubber stamp is Attorney General the top law enforcement officer. And we my friend are caught in the middle.

By any measure, A woman without an education degree nor a minute in a public school setting, and thinks guns are needed in classrooms for the coming invasion of Grizzly Bears should not be Secretary of Education. It’s well, stupid….. I’ve got loads more experience both in the classroom and credentials so I should be SOE. At issue of course, I am not a billionaire Trump donor. How is this any different than the nepotism, cronyism and blatant D,C. Corruption? This administration is hewing far more fascist than free market. And it only took a week and a half. This is a Blitzkrieg, lightning war against all restraints on the Chief Executive. To what end?

Lord Dampnut’s slowly dwindling supporters find themselves in an unenviable place. They aren’t fools. They have eyes and ears. Some are in a defensive crouch realizing he’s never going to switch from campaign mode. They’ve been swindled by this wealthy city slicker and they are afraid to look like slow witted rubes at a medicine show. Some are hoping against hope the Stormclouds they feel coming won’t materialize and they will be vindicated. (Some read STORMFRONT let’s not discuss them.)

Understand, we ALL want you to be correct. I pray to be proven wrong. But I am burdened with critical thinking skills, a long memory and a conscience. If the alternative narrative we all dread proves to be true? It leads into undiscovered country unimaginable in our lifetimes. It means we have a proto-dictator leading the free world. An overgrown viper suckling at Liberty’s breast. His base for now, have decided to grin and bear it. But I wonder how long and how much more damage needs to be done before they put Country before Party?

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