The Very First Frame

Behind The Scenes With Amanda

Every single individual that’s participated in The Marilyn Project so far has produced radically different pictures within the same circumstances. There also has been consistencies that carry thru across the massive diversity of those individutals. One consistency is that the very first frame we make with the manacles in place is always interesting. The expression and reaction is never the same but without fail it’s one of the more interesting frames made for each person.

Amanda No/7 First shot with manacles. Fujinon 23mm

Contrast the above photograph with a typical frame from immediately before this. The difference in expression, stance, body language is completely different.

Amanda No/7 Typical frames prior. Fujinon 35mm

Of course it would be you might be thinking. Yes, having photographed countless people for a few decades I do realize everything makes a difference from shoes to what ever may have just been said. I still find this fascinating and completely unpredictable based even on my observations leading up to the first frame with this set of circumstances.

Let me be clear about what I’m saying by illustrating with a typical behind-the-scenes frame leading up to that first shot as well as typical frames after that first one.

Amanda No/7 BTS Fujinon 35mm
Amanda No/7 Fujinon 35mm
Amanda No/7 Typical frame after the first. Fujinon 23mm

I don’t think any of the images will make the final project cut but they do serve to illustrate an interesting pattern I’ve observed so far. There’s something different about that first frame with the cuffs. Never the same but radically different for each person participating so far.