Looking To Grow Your Engagement On Medium? Here are 100+ Popular Tag Ideas!

Sophie Albo
The Marketing Blend
4 min readJan 31, 2022


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Medium can be a great way to grow an audience for your writing, but it can also be difficult to get people to engage with your content. One easy way to boost engagement is by using tags in your stories. Tags help readers find content that interests them, and they can also help you target your content to the right audience. So if you’re looking to grow your engagement on Medium, try using some of these top tags!


386,673 stories and 107,077 writers

Other related tags

  • Fiction (164,964 stories and 49,759 writers)
  • Creativity (147,070 stories and 50,299 writers)
  • Self-awareness (99,823 stories and 39,804 writers)
  • Learning (85,199 stories and 47,302 writers)
  • Creative Writing (47,695 stories and 15,462 writers)
  • Freelancing (42,083 stories and 19,149 writers)
  • Medium (35,994 stories and 18,093 writers)
  • Writer (31,628 stories and 13,911 writers)
  • Writing Life (19,372 stories and 8,004 writers)
  • Authors (17,059 stories and 7,199 writers)




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