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Weekly masterpieces from The Masterpiece — Volume 02

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4 min readOct 16, 2020


The Masterpiece is going STRONG

Because we only publish brilliant stories and articles that inspire people to look into their life with more depth. The Masterpiece has no place for the mundane.

Don’t you believe me? Okay, read the following 07 masterpieces from 07 amazing writers. I hope it will give you a hint of what The Masterpiece offers.

Let’s begin!

Daniele Ihns

Daniele is a journalist, poet, and cultural critic. She is an essentialist who is in constant search for meaning.

Here, she writes about her adventurous life.

I can guarantee that you will be amazed to know how a celebrity left fame and glory to embrace a life of peace and serenity.

R. Scott

He is a former Federal Agent, Gang Expert with vast experiences. In this article, he shares his battle with PTSD.

It all began in October 2013 when he got shot 03 times, tackling an ambush.

His physical wounds recovered, but later he developed PTSD— and it was horrifying. PTSD is a slow killer, and you must know about it.

Felipe Xavier

Felipe Xavier is a writer, podcaster, musician, cinephile, and dreamer. He is also passionate about travel.

Here, Felipe exhibits how his dream came into reality while visiting Rome with his beautiful wife.



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