My Journey — From a Drug Addict to a Writer

A personal story to inspire you to take your first step

Emmanuel A. Anderson
Mar 31 · 6 min read
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write and educate people in this space because of my life experiences and the journey that I made to look for answers to my life problems, and the sense of purpose that I feel I have in my life.

I talk about issues, especially the things that will help people improve and better their lives. And by the response I get whenever I put something out there, I believe I’m on the right path.

In this post, I will share a dark phase of my life and how I overcame that darkness and found a better me. I hope it will inspire you to take your first step to find your better self.

I was a drug dealer in my early years

It was somewhere in the year 2010. I had completed high school three years earlier. Before high school, my family wouldn’t allow me to be myself and explore the world because of their belief system. They prevented me from everything I had a taste for and wanted to experiment. So, when I got to high school and was away from home, and nobody was controlling and denying me of the things I wanted to engage in, I thought it was time to be me.

Coming from a neighborhood that detested education had an impact on me. Gangsterism, drugs, alcohol was the life, and that’s what I had seen growing up. The next thing was to engage with the guys, leading those lives.

I didn’t focus on my studies. And eventually, I became a drug addict, smoking weed and drinking alcohol, and chasing girls. I never focused on why they took me to the school, which led me to fail my last year’s examination and couldn’t continue my university education.

My mum made me resit for the test, but smoking and alcohol became my thing, and I wasn’t interested in anything other than that. So, I didn’t study and failed again.

Having experienced things this way, and I wasn’t interested in anything but the drug life. The home became an uncomfortable place to live because they wouldn’t tolerate that life. But I wasn’t also ready to give it up and do things right to get my life going. I hung with the neighborhood guys, and the selling of weed and everything substance that was on the street became what I was dealing in because I needed to survive.

Quickly, I had my piece of the street — a ghetto where I was doing my drug business. And since some guys coming to my end to smoke and buy were students from my city’s university and always connected on intellectual levels, and it was fun, what was to follow was the realization that I didn’t belong where I was.

I have to get out to do something with my life. And it happened by one guy calling me one day and saying, Emmanuel, I have studied who you are. I don’t think you belong here. You differ from all the guys here. Although we all smoke, some of us are made for something greater in life, and we must not leave that to chance.

That was when I realized myself, and I started pursuing who I’m supposed to become. I started working on the new me. I bought a form at a private school to enroll me in radio broadcasting because it was my dream to go to the journalism school.

Towards a better me

This time, I would not joke about my life because I had faced many difficulties on the street, and I wanted a change. I did what I can to study hard, get the training, and pass my examination. It wasn’t easy, though, but I sailed through.

After the course, I didn’t get a radio station right away for my internship and job. It took me two years. But along the line, I chanced on a book by Brian Tracy named No Excuses!. I read it. It caused a significant change in my life. I started attending seminars, reading, and making new friends who were also on the same journey.

They shared educational resources with me and invited me to educational programs. Later, after two years of being at home without a radio station, I had one to start my internship. I did the training for a year, and they gave me a one-year contract to work with them, which after that my appetite for success became significant, and I wanted more from life, and since there wasn’t anyone to help, I left the radio for Europe.

I wanted to continue my education and explore other avenues. And from the life here in Europe, although with the vision that I had, not everything had manifested as I imagined. Through the lessons, I’ve made many discoveries about my life.

I think you have realized how a conversation with someone led me to find the better version of me. I went back to school, started the habit of reading, attending seminars, taking on the idea of personal development. Eventually, I have become a writer.

That’s a sign no matter where you find yourself in life; you can change your situation for the better. All you need is to take the first step, and everything will follow — step by step.

Take your first step

In life, the first step to everything is the most important. It is a sign of action. It’s what sets you in motion towards what you want. It’s everything towards the accomplishment of anything. Without it, you aren’t doing anything for anything you want.

It’s the step that leads to all other steps, and without it, there’s nothing to prove that you’re achieving what you want.

Feel the hunger, desire, or reason
Without a reason or desire so powerful that not even death or obstacle can stop you, you’ll never think of staying committed. So, to take the first step towards anything, you must look at your reason — “Your why.” Because that’s what makes it possible, and without it, any effort isn’t possible.

Have a vision; The person you’ll become
This also helps well with the step. Who you’ll become, the power and authority you’ll command, these things all facilitate to make taking this step possible.

Think of playing your part to make the world a better place
We are all born into this world for a reason — to solve problems and make the world a better place. So, think of doing your part to make the world a better place to live in for you and for others. Help others to achieve what they want to achieve.

Final thoughts

I learned many things the hard way. So, I try to inspire others to do the right things without facing much trouble. That’s why I write. I write to make positive changes in other’s life.

Life is a process. Becoming successful and living the life you want is also a process. It means everything follows a step-by-step procedure. To begin the journey, you must take the first step.

I had taken my first step with much courage and eventually left my drug dealer life to become a writer. I have found the better me. You find yours. Take the first step to make your dreams a reality. All the rest will eventually unfold.

Thank you for reading.

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Emmanuel A. Anderson

Written by

I write about life, self-improvement, writing, and everything to help people live better lives. Author of the upcoming book, "Heal yourself, heal the world."

The Masterpiece

The wise writers don’t rush. They take time to produce their masterpieces.

Emmanuel A. Anderson

Written by

I write about life, self-improvement, writing, and everything to help people live better lives. Author of the upcoming book, "Heal yourself, heal the world."

The Masterpiece

The wise writers don’t rush. They take time to produce their masterpieces.

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