Creativity Behind Unconventionality

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“Do I really look like a guy without a plan?” Said Dr. Berry, misquoting Heath Ledger on The Dark Knight. Even after getting to know each other for a really short time, we all knew, without any doubt, he didn’t.

There will always be some sort of mistrust within the first interactions we, as humans, have with others of our kind; and the classroom is not the exception. But that fear is what gives us the first impulse to hook ourselves deeply with learning, something that does not take place without a purpose, and without giving a deeper meaning to all its bonds with what surrounds us. This is where Dr. Berry’s teaching methods steal the scene: there’s a purpose behind everything, and it’s the teacher’s work to make students question themselves by giving them the tools to find their own foundations. In this sense, prior unification of each idea, method and purpose enrich the classroom with an environment totally prepared for students to find meaning deconstructing what can be seen as a subjective approach from a teacher’s perspective to what really matters; also known as a giant ball of tied nonsense that students must find a way to untie. Behind the reason for untying that mess is where the bigger purpose for students lay: What do we do with what others make of us?

Now that we got to our main focus, #MATLUPB, I thought that it would be important to note the fact that motivation (purpose, and meaning) has transcended more than a simple act, becoming an immersion mechanism on the class experience. There is something about making things up as the class goes that really appealed my creative instinct while thinking about lesson planning. You could just adapt everything that happens while the class develops into new authentic learning, leading to a unique experience for both students and teachers, right? Wrong. We don’t just do things, like dogs chasing cars, planning each session has become one of the most important parts of developing that learning environment for our students.

Through the whole semester, #MATLUPB gave us a totally new perspective of how behind properly planned unconventionality and creativity will always lead to success and engagement, without leaving behind order. Even the most simple rules could be felt every second on the class environment, and that kind of order and self reflection is one of the best things that we can take from this semester. We must aim to be what Gotham needs us to be (Yes, I’m still into The Dark Knight references): teachers like Dr. Berry, who everyday inspire everyone around to become the very best of them; the very best of us.

The #MATLUPB Chronicles

Commentaries about English education by students in the…

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