Guest Post — Santiago Villada — Slam Poetry

This time, I’d like to talk about the slam poem activity. It has a lot of positive aspects that make of this act, one of the most powerful ones. You may ask, why? Well, it is because it let me show something that I’ve been hiding since a long time ago. The slam poem allowed me to express how I always have felt about my sexuality; it let me show you a story of my life that not too many people know. Beside this, it gave my de opportunity to talk to myself as well. What I really mean is that this activity was able to reach the sensitive part of my heart, and believe me IT IS NOT that easy.

When I was in the process of choosing the topic, I spent many days to; finally, take the courage to expose this delicate topic, at least for me. The slam poem let me look inside me, a thing that I haven´t done in a while, to explore and see how my old scars are going. Surprisingly, everything is just perfect. I healed all that junk that once was my biggest nightmare. Moreover, I spent a really good time writing those lines which were going to be listened.

Now, something more related to the school that I learnt, is how multimodality is a really necessary tool for both teachers and student; since, it helps a lot to express a full idea or conception about anything. If you play with images, sounds and letters, there is no way that the public cannot understand what you are trying to communicate. We as teachers must show this tool to our students, so they can easily go deeper in any topic or subject they need, and we have to give them the opportunity to work in a task like this one, so it is possible for them to experiment a meeting with the best guest ever, their selves.

Finally, what I enjoyed the most was realizing how much I have grown since then. I have learnt a lot of things, I have tried too many others and I have changed almost everything I wanted to change, so it helped me to notice what I am now, and that I really love the persona who I am, I know I am not a sweet candy, but I feel so good having me this way, the way I chose.




Commentaries about English education by students in the Methods & Approaches to the Teaching of Languages at UPB-Medellín (#MATLUPB)

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LSLP Colombia

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