Raquel J. Herrera
Mar 24, 2020 · 3 min read

How the #MATLUPB experience gives you a new perspective about what it means to be a teacher

During this fifth-semester, Dr. Berry has been giving us his students a lot of methods that work to improve our future classes, and honestly, I have learned a lot, even how to use the methods that I usually use in my work with my students, but most important I have been learning how to be a better teacher.

Dr. Berry is an unusual teacher but the kind that you say “I learned a lot with him and I really liked his classes” I remember seeing him a few times before taking his class “Methods and Approaches to the Teaching of Languages”, and I never thought what kind of person he could be, I only knew that he called my attention and I was curious about in what faculty he teaches and how his classes were, and I never will regret of taking this course, he exceeded my expectations. In the Demo Fridays, he teaches us teaching methods like storytelling, graphics organizers, use of social media for academic ends, editing multimodal text videos and one of my favorites, comics.

Special in comics I had a little connection because I am a big fan of that type of works, the illustrations, the stories and how people can tell a good story through images and few words, especially for that day the classwork was to create a comic in groups. I usually use this resource to make a lot of my best homework, and I have a long story with comics and I love to make them, but sincerely I never thought that I could put that kind of work to my students in a future, this opened my eyes to new ways to make my future classes and create a memorable time for my students.

Every task that Dr. Berry has given us in class has a purpose and a reflection behind, or in his classes, he gives us advice for being better teachers. And I recollect some of these reflections for my own learn because Dr. Berry is the kind of teacher that I want to be, someone who inspire their students to be better or give them the confidence to get their goals. Some of Dr. Berry’s reflections are: don’t put your students to do something that YOU don’t know how to do, never correct a student in public they will lose the respect of you, improvisation is the most advanced form of planning, the day that my students don’t learn anything and continue being the same persons at the end of the course, that day I will give up from being a teacher. And I am pretty sure that in his other classes he continues giving the students this kind of advice and reflections that make us think: what kind of teacher I want to be in the future.

For this, being part of this class in a few weeks changed my perspective of what being a teacher means, this class made me know that a teacher needs to learn different ways to teach to give a good class where students learn and want to be in. that a good teacher cares about his students and every action we take has a great implication in people. That the teacher in or out of the classroom have a pedagogical perspective in every action they do. And most importantly, this class remind me why I decided to be a teacher. For all future teachers at the UPB, I hope that at least once in life you can have a conference, a course, a class or a conversation with Dr. Berry, he is the live image of a teacher who loves what he does.

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