How to write and not die trying. A thank you note to Dr. Berry

Ana Villada
Mar 24, 2020 · 2 min read

I should probably start with a funny joke as Dr. Berry usually does but he is better at that than me. So instead I will just tell you how important writing has always been for me, a loner in a world of friends, words were always my friends but like any friendship, we had our disagreements. That is why being in the class of Dr. Berry has helped me so so much. Hearing from someone else that you will probably not succeed immediately at something is a good way of realizing making mistakes is alright. I liked this class because I had the chance to learn quite a lot about my exercise of writing but how to apply it in the classroom as well. A gemstone for teaching.

Dr. Berry constantly insisted during the class about writing, on the importance of practicing to master writing. “you will not get any better unless you start trying”. The funniest part about it is that this is not only applicable to writing but pretty much anything in life, life lessons taught through circumstantial comments on the class are Dr. Berry’s specialty. Not being a common teacher has certainly paid off, because the amount of passion he shows class after class is enough to keep you learning during a semester, without getting bored. But back to writing the overall class was shocking, there are a million uses for writing in class and Dr. Berry can make magic for a two-hour class to show these uses one by one and explain them. There should be more emphasis on this issue. Because the thing is Dr. Berry pointed a very important matter and that is: how can you teach someone to write if you don’t know how to do it yourself?

This is crucial not only for second language teachers but to the mother tongue as well. if you do not have the habit to increase your writing on your first language what is going to happen in a second one? well, the inevitable, YOU’LL NOT BE VERY PROFICIENT! the exercise of writing has to be constant and not used as punishment so students feel confident and happy enough to practice it out of the class.

To close, I would like to remind anyone out there who has dropped writing for any reason: do it again, is fascinating! you won’t regret it. On top of that if you are a teacher make your students love it. because is a great friend in times of loneliness. And finally a deep thank you, Dr. Berry, your class really is a present this semester.

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