Few shots on teaching a second language.

Throughout the semester we have seen multiple topics that may contrast with the idea of teaching a second language, there are a lot of techniques, strategies and most importantly methods that can be developed in order to make much easier the process of acquiring knowledge in a different language. First I realized this subject came out at one of the most critical points of my career so far because I have got five weeks of teaching kids in the UPB school and it has been my first experience to the moment; with that being said, the knowledge that I could approach in my own classes has been really helpful, in this post I would like to take a few words to highlight some of them and comment some things about the whole class.

The lesson planning is the base for creating a well-organized class, we as teachers must prepare the “what”, the purpose of what do we want students to learn, we must consider the things they are going through, that includes the age their level and the topics they are supposed to know already. We must be prepared if the students already know what we are talking about because we can use that as help to our teaching experience because there is another method called reciprocal teaching, where the educators learn throughout the process of showing things to their students; as an example, let’s say I bring the topic of Anime and Manga to 10th grade students, I will talk to them about the stuff I know, but I must anticipate some answers because I can’t think as teacher that nobody knows the topic that I am bringing into class, also I should keep their responses in mind (we as teachers shouldn’t think we are the only ones that know something in the classroom.)

It’s important to think that languages are resources we can approach firstly to communicate but secondly, as educators we have the big responsibility of teaching them; with that being said, we must not think about bilingualism as the dominance of a second language, because do not even have the complete domain of our first language so why would we have it of the second one? this idea of being expert in a second language or even in the third or fourth one, has to be forgotten, and in this way we can see the capacity we have to improve our skills in each language. (Teachers should be the first ones to think in that way, but it is not like that all the time). Personally, I had that idea in mind, but it was nice to hear a different thing from Dr. Berry, who has a lot more experience than me and of course it’s important to hear different opinions about concepts.

At last, but not least, I would like to express myself about how is the course going. Honestly, I think I’m learning in some sort of way because the things I highlighted before are stuff that I find interesting and useful for my own classes, but I also think that information in it is not very well organized, A lot of reasons can come to my head, maybe there is a contrast between going back to the university and having one virtual class on teams (that can be a little bit problematic because of the daily schedule), or maybe because sometimes the syllabus is not very helpful to the things we have to do weekly, let me explain, I do believe that Dr. Berry plans his lessons because in Moodle appear 2020 dates, but the problematic thing comes out when a lot of students of the group do not know what is the activity we have to do or what are the instructions of it, for example, it happened to my group of friends and to me with the timeline and sometimes with the padlet. I still think I can get important stuff from this course because I have already done in a way and because this is a very important subject of the career; I hope this comment doesn’t create any misunderstanding.



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