My #MATLUPB experience

Yonatan Cano
Nov 13, 2019 · 2 min read

In the course we have done some uncommon things, and the thing is Dr. Mora is not a common professor; unfortunately. With this I mean that it would be amazing to have more professors like him. Dr. Mora is a great example of passion and dedication for teaching and producing a positive impact on the students. The course is not only about the methods and approaches in the teaching of languages, but also about discovering the way to find our presence and voice in the classroom, to leave our essence in our teaching practice.

Demo Fridays is a proof of the interest and commitment that Dr. Mora has for his students and the program. I really like Demo Fridays. It’s exciting to end the week in this space where we can actually have fun and reflect on the different ways to teach a class. Demo Fridays is a very rich and varied experience, and the result of proper selection of activities that provides a very different perspective to what really means being a teacher of English. Teacher of English and not English teacher, because being a teacher always comes in first place. Some weeks ago, we talked about novel graphics and how to use them for a class. I was so excited that I took some of my own. I’m a big comic book fan and it was nice to share with my classmates and the professor some of the things I know about it. But what I liked the most was the idea of implementing graphic novels for a class. In fact, we design a lesson plan using one. And that’s something that I want to continue working on it for my thesis. It’s awesome to find spaces through the program to talked about graphic novels, considering alternatives in art and literature and bring them to class. In this way I can get together my two passions: teaching and comic books.

Making my first slam poem was a cathartic and emotional experience. Even though I had some tech difficulties recording, I’m very satisfied with the final product. I enjoy editing video and I consider these opportunities as a very good way to express yourself creatively. The Slam Poetry festival allowed us to show a bit more about ourselves, get to know us better and communicate our experiences, worries, feelings, likes and dislikes. It’s so nice to be able to express those aspects with your classmates and have a professor who is genuinely interested on them. I think both Demo Fridays I have mentioned are an invitation to analyze and question what the canon says regarding what must be considered academic or not, and what should be part of class or not. And we as teachers have the final word in this matter looking for expanding the ideas and preconceptions of the students, break those walls and barriers and allow them to have a new view of things.

These weeks have been a time of learning from and with Raul, and a very important chapter in my formation process. MATLUPB is not only subject, it’s a genuine and productive experience that I will certainly treasure.

The #MATLUPB Chronicles

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