The Mayhem
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The Mayhem


Poor Ronald MacDonald

Yeah, but did you hear about Grimace?


“The color purple always makes me think of Grimace — you know, that thing from McDonald’s?”

Ronald didn’t look up from his paper. He knew.

“Ronald…Ronald MaccccDonald….”

Nope. He was not going to look up. He would not give her the attention she was…



The Mayhem is Suite 1984’s elite fiction & humor publication hosted by Ira Robinson. We accept all forms of fiction and humor pieces including short fiction, fictional memoir, theatrical, serial fiction, and miscellaneous humorous nonsense.

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KiKi Walter

KiKi Walter

Snarky Megalomaniac, Pub Pirate, & The Memoir Queen. My Pubs: The Memoirist, The Narrative Collective, Songstories, Quicktalk, The Writing Pub, and The Mayhem.