Gender and COVID-19

Some stories pitched with good intentions can reinforce gender stereotypes. In these cases, context is the key to fair coverage.

Photo: Kaiser Family Foundation
Photo: Kaiser Family Foundation
Video: CNN, OutFront with Erin Burnett
Video: CNN, OutFront with Erin Burnett
  • Do you know the gender demographics of your community?
  • Think beyond cisgendered norms for this Fault Line.
  • Do you have a mix of genders and gender identities helping make coverage decisions?
  • Do you have the staff necessary to reach across the gender spectrum?
  • If you don’t, who should you collaborate with to help you connect with people across this Fault Line?
  • Are there organizations in your community that can help connect you to people of different genders and gender identities?
  • Are you trusted by people who identify across this Gender Fault Line? If not, how will you build trust?



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