Sexual Orientation and COVID-19

News media tends to leave out the LGBTQ voice; a single source from the nonheterosexual community doesn’t cut it.

  • 2 million work in restaurants and food services (15%)
  • 1 million work in hospitals (7.5%)
  • Almost 1 million work in K-12 education (7%)
  • Almost 1 million work in colleges and universities (7% of LGBTQ adults)
  • Half a million work in retail (4% of LGBTQ adults)
  • Are you trusted by members of the LQBTQ+ community? If not, how will you gain trust?
  • Are you sharing resources and statistics relevant to the LGBTQ+ community?
  • Are there collaborations you could foster to help connect you to folks across this Fault Line?
  • Do you have people who align across this fault line making content decisions?
  • Does your community engagement strategy reach across the Fault Line of Sexual Orientation?



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