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Thoughts On Changing The World.

Making sense of the art of making meaning.

When I was younger I wanted to change the world. I didn’t know how and wondered —

Should I be a doctor?

Should I be a veterinarian?

Should I be a marine biologist?

As I soon found out, through much trial and error, there is no right answer to this.

The answer is different for everyone because it is an accumulation of your experiences, your skills, your passions, your communities, your identity, your loyalties, your discomfort, your lightness and your darkness.

Your experiences change. So this answer may always be in flux and changing too. New experiences shed light and recontextualize old truths — you let go of some that no longer serve you, and you learn to hold onto the precious few that are true to you, always.

The concept of “making it” and “getting there” no longer holds true — because how can you get to a destination that is not fixed?

You don’t need to be a doctor and you don’t need to go to the lengths of Paul Farmer to create change — though if you are truly driven to for others to go to such lengths, that selflessness in itself is indeed amazing.

The three things that I believe are most important to change makers are the quality of their thoughts, the quality of the joy they put into their work, and the quality of the people around them.

There is a thought, commonly voiced, that says in order to change the world you must change your thoughts.

I do agree with this as the first turning point towards making true meaning and change.

But I believe the other important, though often neglected point is this — finding meaning, making your “mark” and creating change should Be Fun and Joyful!

Seen in this lens, many small acts can change the world. Many acts that are not traditionally related to the social sector at all. I believe it is not the actual act, but the attitude in which something is done or created — that joyful attitude is what can change the world.

For everyone, this journey — of finding purpose, making meaning, finding yourself, finding your tribe — can be one hell of a crazy roller coaster ride though a fun ride if you allow it to be. If you choose to let go of expectations. If you choose hold two opposing ideas, two opposing ideologies, two seemingly incongruent passions within you — that which is of you — and continue to do so and pursue such things without forcing a resolution — or even rejecting the idea that the resolution is even the point — then, then you will find exactly what you are looking for.

You will find, not what you thought you wanted, but what you needed all along.

You will find your truth and you will find your tribe.

In turn, you inspire others to find and follow their truth.

Today, I still want to change the world but in the way that gives me joy, in the way that I want to show up for the world. I still don’t completely know how but now I wonder —

What are my values?

What is my truth?

What is my gift?

What makes me come alive?

What can I give to each situation?

What can I change and learn within myself?

What can I learn from each new experience and from each new person I meet?

How do I let go of expectations and just enjoy the ride?

And love those questions as they are the answer themselves.

My values are Creativity, Community and Authentic Connection.

I love connecting people and co-creating with like-minded individuals — visual designs, creative strategy, experiences, communities and meaningful narratives.

As of this moment, I choose Food and Creativity as my mediums. (And I’ve met some fucking awesome people here!)

In the future my values will stay the same, though the medium may change.

And that’s okay.

I know as long as the gap between what I am doing in real life and my values are closing in, and I’m part of a community who knows where I presently am and where I am going, then I know I am doing what I want to be doing — I’m living authentically.

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