from March 2011: Netflix is the digital generation’s HBO

NB: this post was published in March 2011 and given that Netflix is no longer the Albanian army I thought it was worth re-publishing

I’ve been prepping a wide ranging presentation on the accelerating shifts associated with the fusion of our PC/Mac and TV screens and have slacked at blogging my thoughts.

My focus on this fusion has been heightened since I joined Mediabiz International in the fall. We’re building a mini-major studio in Canada, able to handle movie/tv projects from script to screen ie from financing to post-production.

My analysis of the past couple years has led me to the following conclusion, confirmed by today’s blockbuster announcement from Netflix that it is committing to its first original series: premium web video subscriptions is mimicking the pay tv market in the early 1980s when HBO spawned competitors like Showtime. In a nutshell, I see a very near future (12 to 18 months) where cordcutters subscribe to a combination of Netflix and yet-to-launch competitors with distinct content.

This is why today’s deal on House of Cards is key: it signals to the entertainment industry that Netflix wants to be in the same league as HBO — a developer/acquirer of high-quality, original series. I’m also confident that House of Cards will be sub-licensed back to traditional pay tv, my money is on Starz who is already Netflix’s partner.

More thoughts on this momentous deal tomorrow….

The Mediaquake

where the #ContentRumble pits the entrenched incumbents against the digital natives

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The Mediaquake

where the #ContentRumble pits the entrenched incumbents against the digital natives