American media doesn’t accept Trump=cancer on democracy

because it messes with their own self worth

Frederic Guarino
Oct 9, 2018 · 2 min read

It’s been the refrain of our days since 2016, American media, print and tv, desperately wants to normalize Trump and always finds kernels of decency to zoom to.

Disclosure: I’m a political junkie, trained reporter and former NYC media worker bee circa 1996–2000 (the height of the Clinton years).

The worst that’s happened in US journalism is All The President’s Men. Why ? Its rose-tinted portrayal of Woodward/Bernstein has allowed a sycophantic/apathetic political press to playact as if it keeps power in check. It’s always funny (not) to see American political journalists analyze, wrongly, European journalists’ seemingly obsequious demeanor when questioning Presidents and Prime Ministers. Proud DC journalists always point the exceptions eg Dan Rather’s fresh attitude vis à vis Nixon or Sam Donaldson and Reagan. These are EXCEPTIONS and permit the very obsequious DC press to play its favorite game: access journalism.

Now, on to the Trump era. My personal opinion — to be clear, unverified by facts and based on years of observing the media up close — Trump toys with the NYC/DC press’ self worth because he is such a clown that these access journalists cannot brag that they spend time with the Trump White House !

Is this petty and too much of a detail to explain how the NY Times looks and sounds like TWO papers in one ? How else can one explain that the Times’ own political reporter, when asked to recap last week, FORGETS TO MENTION his own paper’s bombshell year long investigation into Trump’s tax fraud ?

How else can Woodward, the pater familias of the DC press corps, almost swat away Bannon’s sickening political stances and Trump factotum cum wife beater Rob Porter’s personal issues ? Access journalism, like Trump on democracy, is a tumor and needs to be cut out, fast.

The Mediaquake

where the #ContentRumble pits the entrenched incumbents…

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