MUTEK_IMG 2015’s #VR Salon — the videos !

photo credit: Trung Dung Nguyen

MUTEK_IMG by the numbers:
80 speakers across 20 activities
1300 attendees to the conferences and over 1000 streaming views
35 VR films and experiences seen 6000 times

from MUTEK’s latest newsletter: “Our three days at the Phi Centre were a feast of mind blowing discussions, presentations and exchanges linking artists and creative industries.

As virtual reality was the centerpiece of this edition, participants were treated to some of the most cutting edge VR films and experiences currently making the rounds, while the discursive experience was just as rich. The level of enthusiasm that VR creators, technologists and industry people seem to all share in their practice was contagious. There exists an abundance of excitement that goes far beyond hype about the possibilities for this new medium — not just technically, visually and spatially but also as concerns narrative, affect, and human interaction. MUTEK and Mediabiz International will keep up with the myriad developments of VR creation and our VR Salon is likely to make a reappearance in the coming months.”

The session video recordings are available here:

MUTEK_IMG in the press:
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ICI Radio Canada (FR)
Radio Canada Blog (FR)
La presse + (FR)
Art-Facto.Today (EN)

more media coverage here.

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