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Oct 21, 2015

This past Spring, prodded by good friend Sacha Declomesnil I started an infrequent newsletter (sign up here) to share links related to the mediaquake, a term I started using in 2009 and the theme of the first bi-continental TEDx event.

Here’s the third edition:

The mediaquake tremors are never ending and shift the media tectonic plates on a daily basis. In our hyperconnected world cadenced with notifications, auto-refreshing newsfeeds, FOMO sets in and we can get antsy. Selfless curators pick out some choice links for your enjoyment, here’s a selection, covering topics from the future of news to VR to other newsletters :

1. Spotify but for the Titanic: A Proposal for the Future of News and Publishing: “if publishers and writers don’t get together and try to survive together, they will simply shrink while Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple and the rest eat their lunch, and gain more and more control and leverage”

2. MUTEK’s VR Salon’s 1st edition recap: “a feast of mind blowing discussions, presentations and exchanges linking artists and creative industries. “

3. THE TRUTH AND DISTRACTION OF U.S. CORD CUTTING: “After decades of growth, the Pay TV ecosystem experienced its first quarterly net subscriber decline in the third quarter of 2010. In the years since, the concept of “cord cutters” — in addition to that of “cord shavers” and “cord nevers” — has dominated industry conversation and characterized its fears. Despite this, the cord cutter narrative remains profoundly misunderstood, largely as a result of media coverage that simultaneously over and under-exaggerates the behavior.”

4. CNN Unveils Millennial-Targeted Video Site Great Big Story: “CNN on Tuesday is unveiling a platform called Great Big Story that’s intended to deliver young and intellectual consumers. Great Big Story, or GBS, is a video network whose mission is to produce content that goes deeper than the cat videos and fluffy lists of other millennial-targeted web sites. Despite the backing of CNN and its parent Turner Broadcasting, however, the site is decidedly not a news network. GBS will release three to five non-fiction videos per day of untold stories about new frontiers, the human condition, planet earth and tastes and flavors.

5. An inside look at WPP Ventures: Opportunity favours the prepared: “WPP Ventures is a channel for WPP to make investments globally in companies that we think are doing something interesting and have the potential to support our clients and our group as a whole. What we do for our clients and as a group changes year upon year. And our clients are very hungry for things that are new. Naturally, we want to be ‘first in’ with our clients and be able to say, “hey, look, here’s a new data platform,” or “here is a new social media platform that’s really interesting.” Ultimately we want to become smarter about what is happening and Ventures helps us do that.”

6. Secret Location makes move into content curation: “Annoyed at sitting down to watch something on Netflix only to be still looking at thumbnails and reading descriptions 45 minutes later, product creator and Secret Location partner and technical director Ryan Andal had an idea. He wanted to create a new site and app that combines the channel surfing and organic discovery of traditional TV with online content. “I spent five days over the Christmas break trying to build a prototype for what I thought would be a good approach to an OTT network,” he said. “And that’s what DitchTV turned into.”

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