TEDxPuertadePurchena 2018: Polarity

Juan Lisardo Delgado
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4 min readOct 25, 2022

This article was posted in 2018, but I wanted to come back to it and have it here in Medium :).

The October 6th 2018, we had the second edition of TEDxPuertadePurchena in Almería, Spain.

Sharing transforming ideas with great impact around social polarization was the theme of this year TEDx event in Almería which took place in Teatro Apolo.

More than 200 attendees enjoyed 6 wonderful speakers and interesting videos, and a networking time in the break with a snack from collaborators, where they had the chance to discuss with the speakers about what they just heard.

The journalist Nacho Calle, Maldito Dato Coordinator, and member of Maldito Bulo from Maldita.es, talked about the demand of a cross transparency on politics, public administration and media. Together with other 400 journalists, this data journalist published Panama Papers in 2016 and received the Pulitzer Prize one year later.

Charo Rueda, psychologist and PhD in Experimental Psychology and Behavioral neuropsychology from Universidad de Granada, led the public though the brain to defend that the capacity of managing atention is the heart of human inteligence.

Sara Rodríguez, an invited from TEDxYouthMadrid, who recently gave a TEDx Talk presented TEDEd Clubs and its format.

The event turned upside down with the speach about mourning and death of Ana Almansa from Cruz Roja Española, offered the public an opportunity to connect with the tough reality of mourning after perinatal death, asking about how the whole system and society try to deal with this moment in a shy and silent way, deffending that talking about mourning heals.

During the break we had 6 different tables for each speaker, where we offered wonderful snacks options from our collaborators: Clisol, La Almazara de Canjáyar, Mi masa madre or Quiere-té.

After the break, we had Pilo Martín, whom with a lot of energy talked about his company, Jóvenes Promesas, a tournament that want to review values among the young students, and which uses the debate as a tool to transform education.

He raised the issue of a lack of critical thinking, and enable this young people tools to improve that, to avoid polarized stances.

Rodolfo Caparrós, town planner and landscaper from Almería, talked about how the moral condition of the landscape, inviting the attendees to a philosophical and poetical reflection on how we interact with the landscape and how it appears before us.

Finally, we had the priviledge to have Gema Fernández, legal lawyer from Women’s Link Worldwide, giving a shocking but encouraging speach about justice’s role in women’s rights violations

In her speach, we could find the case of Ángela González, where recently the Supreme Court finally confirmed the responsability of the Spanish State in the death of her daughter by her ex-partner.

Gema defended the importance of an active role of society to support women, and not remain quiet before the injustices of the judicial system, and review the job of judges.

In a few weeks all 6 TEDx talks will be available in TEDx Talks Youtube channel for everyone to enjoy and watch the amazing spakers we had in TEDxPuertadePurchena 2018.

It has been a wonderful journey with the best team I could dream of: Tito Spínola Guirao, María García Alarcón, Carlos J. Vives and Ana Pérez Oteros.

And of course, a huge thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible, and work in every possible way to ensure the event was a success.

Thanks too to our collaborators and sponsors: Cajamar, Universidad de Almería, Catering Alcazaba, Almería Ciudad, Asociación A Toda Vela, LaOficina Producciones Culturales and many many more!

(Btw, that’s me and Ana, talking about what the break was about, and the presents we gave to the attendees :D)

(All the pictures can be find: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmrpaxgH)