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Seems like there can’t be enough variations of the successful Candy Crush game by King. Candy Crush Soda Saga has been on the Top Free chart in many countries for a long time, but most impressive is its steady hold on the Top 5 Grossing position in the US for more than 10 months!

Soda Saga has for sure been a success, but what features in the game have helped spread the word organically? We took a closer look to learn more about the in-game growth aspects, as well as suggesting a few of our own.

Dissection of Soda Saga

Mobile version:

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What You Can Learn from Soda Saga

King have spent a lot of money on user acquisition for Candy Crush Soda Saga, but there’s still a few features that you can leverage with a small development budget. In addition to being an extremely challenging and polished game, there are four clear takeaways for other game developers:

  • Use a social roadmap: From the very first version of Candy Crush the position of your friends progress has been visualized on the road. This triggers competition. It’s also a great incentive to connect to Facebook and to invite friends to compete for the best score.
  • Localized fake friends: Soda Saga showed what appeared to be Norwegian people as placeholders on the high score list before I connected to Facebook. It made me stop for a moment to wonder who these people were. It’s a nice way to learn what will happen when I connect to Facebook, instead of the blank list used in Angry Birds 2.
  • Give two choices: Instead of randomly asking “Please invite friends”, Soda Saga gives players two choices when they have no lives left: Either ask friends for more lives or pay for it. To have a choice is a strong monetization mechanic and with this clever implementation the game either gets more players or more revenue. Angry Birds 2 use the same mechanic to get video ad impressions.
  • Opt-out Facebook spam: You reach a huge group of people by having all friends selected by default, either by the player accidentally or intentionally pressing send button. This is not a good player experience because it feels spammy, but it’s effective.

Suggestions for Further Growth

There are a few things that we believe can increase the organic growth and k-factor from within the game further (if King decides to continue re-skinning the concept):

  • Use multiple channels: Connecting to Facebook is not enough anymore. Players prefer other channels to share or invite their friends. The world is moving from social media to messaging.
  • Update the Facebook App Invite: The new one looks better and let players customize the invite so it feels personal to the recipient.
  • Be able to share your score: Do you know that feeling when you’ve spent hours completing a level and you finally make it? Yes, that is the moment you just want to tell the world about. The world has to know, right! Why make it hard: Take a screenshot, close the app, open another app, share it. Implement features for easy sharing instead, and more players might share their proud moments with the right audience. Soda Saga has a lot to learn from Crossy Road on this topic.
  • Incentivize invites: Players are encouraged and reminded to invite their friends if they are incentivized. Incentives can i.e. be lives and powerups.
  • Share GIFs of an unbelievable pop: Players loves to show off their skills to other competitive friends. Why not let players capture amazing pops with GIFs to share with others?

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