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Want To Make It Big As An Online Writer? Make Your Sentences As Simple As Keanu Reeves

English lesson from my teacher

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Have you met someone, long-lost, on Facebook? A friend or a colleague?

How about a teacher?

After twenty years, I found one. The best English teacher I ever had.

An Oxford laureate. Her love for teaching brought her back home.

I was an ICSE student. Hence, a fondness for fanciness was deep-rooted.

Mutual admiration was a certainty. Or maybe not.

“Flowery English, I see!” She remarked on my essay.

Along with a B-.

She hated the flamboyance more than the content.

A bittersweet war ensued.

My sentences kept getting complex. Scores plain.

It was time to talk.

She: “Have you read Malgudi Days?”

Me: “I don’t understand.”

She: “It’s a simple question. Have you read Malgudi Days?”

Me: “No, I haven’t. It’s not in the curriculum.”

She: “Get a copy from the library. See me once done.”

One hundred fifty pages done in 24 hours. I still didn’t understand the point.

She: “What do you think?”

Me: “It was interesting.”

She: “What did you like about it?”

Me: “All stories had a message.”

She: “And?”

Me: “Simplicity. Easy to read through. Definitely, not as complex as Hamlet.

She: “Good. Here’s your next assignment. Re-write any one of those stories. No sentence more than eight words. That’s all .”

Me: “But…”

She left with a cheeky smile.

I couldn’t complete the assignment. It was impossible.

I saw her after a week.

Her response? A self-righteous smile. It pierced through my heart.

Then, she handed me a draft.

A story, re-written. No sentence more than eight words.

The title read The Doctor’s Word.

How fitting!

Anyway, something happened last night.

I was with her on Facebook Messenger. I shared my recent work.

She: “Ugh! Depressing.”

She: “B-”

She: “Next one, no more than eight words, okay?”

Before I could respond, I heard a commotion.

It was a familiar voice, the significant other.

“Wake up! It is time to log on.”

Realizing what just happened, I knew. It’s time to complete the assignment.

So, here it is. Finally! No sentence more than eight words.

I hope she comes across this someday. And it makes her proud.




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