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The day my brother became my hero

A vintage Schwinn bicycle parked on grass at the edge of a road.
Photo by Lauren Mitchell via Flickr.

I have one positive memory of my brother Mike from my entire childhood. It’s not that there was constant friction; just the opposite — he was nine years older than me and a distant, mostly absent sibling. Absence would have been much better than him saying he wished I’d been born blind in both eyes (not just one), so I couldn’t tattle on him. But that’s another story.




We publish memoirs, personal essays, and fictional memoir. Creative stories unpacked from the nostalgic hope chests of our lives.

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Chris A Raymond

Chris A Raymond

😜 Best curmudgeon in my age class (aspiring). Point guard (retired), artist, designer, snark lover. Often-cynical takes on work & life.

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