How I Lost My Voice and Became Trapped Within Myself

My body was screaming at me, but I didn’t listen

Ali Hall
The Memoirist
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There were no words to say. It’s not like my mind was in turmoil, lost in the trees trying to navigate the right sentences to express. I had no words, and I felt nothing.

No peace, no stress. Just plain apathy. Apathy is a dangerous state to be in.

He tried talking to me, and I replied with one-word answers. I wasn’t being rude or evasive. I just didn’t have anything to say. Speaking suddenly had a heaviness about it. It was easier to remain silent.

We were on holiday.

A trip with our campervan and dogs up in the north of Scotland. Exquisite scenery with breathtaking vistas. Mountains and forests, oceans and beaches. A poetic landscape full of mysticism and wonderment.

We walked through pine forests; I said nothing. We paddled our kayak over the flirting waves of the open ocean, and still no words. We ate at a local cafe in silence.

I fell deeper inside myself like a feather in the wind making its way to the ground. I felt my words trapped in my soul with no means of escape. I wanted out. Specific words wanted out. But I couldn’t muster the strength to express my needs. And all other words were meaningless.

My voice box was lost in inertia.

This numbness trapped me. Like a startled rabbit, I went through the motions of living.

If you are standing next to someone you long to escape from, you struggle to see the surrounding beauty. Your eyes scan the ground; they don’t rise up to the horizon. In this state, you don’t always realize that their shadow obscures your sun.

My muteness was selective.

I could chat with shopkeepers and bar staff. I could share an authentic laugh with a nearby camper. But between us, I recoiled back into my own silent movie.

Had I run out of things to say to him? Was that it?

I wasn’t angry or upset. If anything, my silence was reassuring; it was a sign of realization and acceptance. My silence was my body screaming at me to get out. My silence was a visceral expression of inner knowing. My body was on…



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The Memoirist

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