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This is an email from The Memoirist News, a newsletter by The Memoirist.

Memoirist News 8th-13th March

All aboard the Memoirist update ship

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Ahoy there me hearties!

Cabin girl, Sally, is here at your service and scribing this ‘ere scroll for you to browse. No, not at your leisure. This is a tight ship we are running, and reading is compulsory, so hop to it and let’s begin….

As my first attempt at a newsletter for The Memoirist, I know I have a lot to measure up to.

Mama Ki, Mr. G, and Cap’n Preeti do not give a girl an easy run for her money. So, here I am, mopping the decks and topping up their tankards with rum and hoping I don’t find myself having to walk the plank.

I had no clue what I had let myself in for until Adelina offered to provide a full pamper-package to me for agreeing to write the newsletter so that she didn’t have to. Now, as I stand on this narrow, half-rotten piece of wood, looking down into shark-infested waters, I realise the full extent of this responsibility. And I can only pray that I don’t make any dire mistakes and get catapulted off it.

Only joking. They’re all lovely really, and Mama Ki didn’t even make Mr. G walk the plank after his big fail on last week’s newsletter.

Screenshot by author.

Anyone else spot the mistake?

Yes, we are in March, you are right. Even last week, we were already in March. But, that’s what happens when you are a Douche Rocket.

It’s okay, it’s been changed now. The evidence has all been scrubbed.

Anyway, onto the week’s news….

New Writers aboard ship

Welcome to all our new writers. The tribe is growing and we look forward to reading all of your memoirs!

Edward John | Ad Meliora | Sharon Johnson | Janice Harayda | Debra Groves Harman | Denise Hedley | Jessie Waddell | Lily Lin | Unbecoming | Rio | Harry Hogg | Kate Verity | Lisa Gerard Braun | Chioma | Liam M

Editor’s picks

As our publication grows, so must the picks of the week, and we have some great ones for you this week.

At 70, The Famous & Prolific Author Wrote Of Moving From Her Beloved House By The Sea To A Retirement Community by Janice Macdonald

Help Wanted: Except You by Adam J. Blust

Confessions of an Amusement Waterpark Waterslide Lifeguard by Hogan Torah

Stranded on a School Roof Scared to Death by Michael L Butler

A Shitty Story by Kristine Laco

My Uncle’s Attacks Nearly Destroyed Me by Chrissy Marie Massey

Rivers by Ashley J.J. White

I Don’t Love Dogs by Jo An Fox-Wright Maddox

The Day I Got Locked Inside a Bathroom for 6 Hours by Araci Ameida

Are You Writing a Memoir? Here Are Some Helpful Tips by Cindy Heath

Check out my personal choices, but remember that there are many excellent memoirs being published every day, so do remember to follow the publication and read the work of your fellow memoirists regularly.

Editor Stories

Your editorial team have been hard at work this week, as ever, working away at editing your wonderful pieces — KiKi Walter, Gaurav Jain, Adelina Vasile, Preeti Ramachandran, Bernice Puzon, Susan McCorkindale, Anjali Joshi, Drashti Shroff, and yours truly, Sally Prag. We have not had as much time for writing in The Memoirist but here are a couple for your perusal:

Debauchery at Skateland by Mama Ki

Welcome to The Land of Legends and the Power of Imagination by me.

Writing prompts

This First Kiss prompt has been a hit! In fact, you guys jumped to it and what a response we had.

Check out all of the stories so far right here.

Meanwhile, A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words continues to run. If you haven’t already checked those stories out, here they are:

If you are not yet familiar with the guidelines of this prompt, please check it out here.

A riddle for you

Since I ignored my nine-year-old son for the afternoon to write this newsletter, I thought he deserved to contribute something. So, he has offered up a riddle for you to exercise your brains with. The first person to respond with the correct answer will be announced and highlighted in next week’s newsletter.

Here it is:

A little old woman leaves her tenth-floor apartment and gets in the lift to descend the ten storeys to the ground floor. She goes out for the day and, when she returns, gets into the lift to go back up. She goes as far as the sixth floor and then walks the stairs to reach her apartment on the tenth floor. Why?

And I will leave you with that, wishing you an amazing rest of your Sunday. And keep those stories coming!




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