My Daughter’s Nephew is Also Her Brother

Things may not be as they appear

Lisa S. Gerard
The Memoirist
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5 min readJan 28, 2024


dog in a tutu
Photo by Michael G on Unsplash

You can put a dog in a tutu but a ballerina he is not.

That’s an easily identified disguise. Some outer appearances are not so obvious.

I am a grandma and look like one next to my grandson. But am I really his grandma? Sort of. I mean, yes.

But I am so much more as of January 24, 2024. I entered the Justice Complex as an older dog and the judge slapped a tutu on me.

The Rocky Road

What a difference six years can make. The last time I walked through the doors of the same courtroom in Brevard County Florida, in 2018, my daughter had annihilated the small swinging door and it hung on for dear life — dangling from the last remaining hinge.

I shuddered with embarrassment every time it creaked.

Agitation suffocated everyone, fear radiated from a few, and my daughter and her boyfriend spewed vile as they were cuffed and carted off by deputies. We were a mess.

I lugged my five-month-old grandson — their child, in his carrier to perform the family court duties required, alone and heavy-hearted. It was a dark time dictated by static and negativity.



Lisa S. Gerard
The Memoirist

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