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The Memoirist

Skate-By Kindness

100-Word Memoir

A girl sitting with her skateboard, watching the sunset.

I was having a rough morning and running late to an important meeting due to traffic. Literally running in faux crocodile stiletto heels, trying to break through a dense wall of cars. Suddenly, a little girl hanging with her skater friends ran up to me and shouted, “I LOVE YOUR DRESS!”

She thought my Wednesday-Adams-older-sister-look was very cool. I remember when I was about her age and just starting to skate. I used to look up to women who dress as I do now. I missed the meeting, but her kindness made my whole day.



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Kyla Pearson

An Italian-Canadian Creative Entrepreneur who primarily serves as a Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Professional Writer for country music, film & TV.