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The Memoirist

Two photos, two marriages foretold?

Do pictures really tell a story, or do we?

Two old photos of husband and wife sitting next to each other.
Photos from the author.

Two photos, taken 25-plus years apart. Two different couples, with nearly identical poses: Spouses sitting on a bench, she to the right of him, knees facing knees. The hairdos are eerily similar, though Mom’s is missing the side curls typical of the flapper era, and Dad’s is not quite the pompadour of his father’s, but close enough…




We publish memoirs, personal essays, and fictional memoir. Creative stories unpacked from the nostalgic hope chests of our lives.

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Chris A Raymond

Chris A Raymond

😜 Best curmudgeon in my age class (aspiring). Point guard (retired), artist, designer, snark lover. Often-cynical takes on work & life.

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