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Accelerate Your Marketing Campaign By Never Leaving Slack

Accelerate Your Marketing Campaign By Never Leaving Slack

When developing a marketing campaign strategy, you do everything to make sure each campaign is as effective as possible.

So, why does communication always take a back seat?

Let’s say you use Slack. All-day, every day.

If you only collaborated with the rest of your marketing team, you’d use Slack and thrive.

It’s full of great marketing integrations and you can build automated workflows to see how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Reality is not uses Slack.

In fact, independent research shows 59% of businesses are using Microsoft Teams.

So staying in Slack all day every day becomes impossible.

Here are a few common scenarios you might be familiar with:

  • You have to move to Microsoft Teams because that’s the tool your marketing agency uses
  • Freelancers are raring to go but they use a different chat app
  • Your product team uses another app too
  • You feel like an IT Manager rather than a marketing pro

If these sound like you, you’re in luck. Mio has created universal channels to effortlessly chat with an unlimited number of contractors, partners, and companies.

What’s more, you don’t need to leave Slack.

Let’s walk through how universal channels accelerate marketing campaigns.

Collaborate on product launches in real-time

When launching a new product, how many people are involved?

5? 10? 20? More?

It’s hard enough to stay in touch with your internal product teams moving the goalposts. Then throw in your freelance designer, your copywriters, and your SEO agency.

You’re chatting with contacts all over the place.

The most common scenario:

You use Slack.

Your product team uses their own workspace so you’re already managing multiple Slacks.

The agency you’ve hired uses Microsoft Teams so you have to switch to that for regular check ins.

You have to update your sales team on progress via email as they use Webex Teams for meetings all day long and you can’t find your login. And you just know they won’t be checking their Slack notifications.

Sound familiar?

To get around this collaboration chaos, we designed universal channels.

You and your business contacts will be able to communicate in real-time by using universal channels.

Everyone can stay in their preferred team collaboration app.

Stay in Slack to improve marketing campaign collaboration

All you need to do is install our Slack app and choose Slack as your platform of choice.

Once you install and your contacts join, you can collaborate on product launches in real-time.

All without leaving Slack.

Take your marketing campaign from idea to lead in no time at all

Your product is launched and has been a complete success.

What’s next? The next marketing campaign.

Perhaps you’re coming together as a team to design an email template, write several blog posts, and plan the automation sequences.

Sounds like you’re going to be using your internal team and a couple of freelancers, right?

Do you go back to communicating via email and wasting time in meetings?

Or would you prefer to gather everyone together again in a universal channel like you did for the product launch?

Universal channels are quick and easy to set up. So, you can install the Mio app and invite external contacts in minutes.

Just like that, a new universal channel in your Slack — with your campaign team joining from their platform of choice.

Federation for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex Teams

For small projects, you remove the hassle of switching between apps to cater for one person’s needs.

For larger campaigns that need thorough planning and multiple parties, universal channels allow you to effortlessly chat with an unlimited number of contractors, partners, and companies.

Create as many universal channels as you need and take marketing campaigns from idea to lead in no time at all.

Manage agency clients from a single chat app

If you are the marketing agency, you can benefit here too.

How many clients you do have at a time?

If your answer is , then universal channels can help you too.

Instead of leaving Slack to write a thousand-word email update, you can collaborate in real-time and stay in Slack.

If you’re an Account Manager, set up a universal channel per client and invite creatives, devs, copywriters, and your end customer.

The entire campaign team comes together in a single channel — all from the platform of their choice.

See universal channels in action below…

You collaborate with companies and freelancers as you would with colleagues.

Everybody stays in the platform of their choice and your campaigns move from planning to lead capture in record time.

To recap, you stay in Slack. Your customers stay in their platform — like Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams.

And the same is true vice versa. If you use Microsoft Teams or Webex, stay in your preferred app and invite the Slack users you need to collaborate with.

You can literally manage all agency clients from a single chat app.

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Juggling marketing campaigns is a productivity drain

Campaign managers, do you ever feel like your spending time chasing things up instead of getting things done?

You’ve become the IT coordinator. It feels like most of your day is spent managing multiple guest accounts.

You switch from one app to the other just to keep track of client requests and your copywriters are chasing for feedback on their latest draft. Oh, and your web domain expires in two days so your web developer has sent you nine messages in the last hour.

At the end of the day, your job is to generate leads.

So, you need to find a way to get your time back and become that marketing machine you once were.


All those app switches come with time required to close down what you were doing and start over. All momentum is lost and you can’t collaborate with your internal team as you’ve closed Slack.

Instead, universal channels allow you to stay in Slack and manage all your campaign communication from your favorite app.

You could set up a universal channel per campaign you’re working on.

Each channel includes the freelancer assigned for creative, an SME providing expert advice, your team of copywriters, and your client for that specific campaign.

They are quick and easy to set up and no ongoing admin to maintain. (Unlike those spreadsheets and client reports you usually put off until the last minute).

This removes the comms management aspect of managing several marketing campaigns.

Install the Mio app and collaborate with teams and contractors in minutes.

Freelancers can manage clients from their preferred app

On the flip side, think about the problems marketing freelancers face.

If you’re a freelancer, like I was, you could have any amount of clients using any amount of apps.

For example, collaborating on a project for Mio was simple because we both use Slack. We set up a Slack shared channel and managed copy, revisions, and graphic design in there.

However, I had another client messaging me on Microsoft Teams at the same time. My problem? I closed Teams down for the day so I could dedicate time for collaborating on the latest Mio project.

This meant I missed the urgent work offered to me. If that notification would have popped up in Slack, I would have had the choice to at least check the notification.

And as a freelancer, I would have obviously said yes to the extra work!

Freelancers can manage clients from their preferred app, ensuring important deadlines and offers never get missed.

Start accelerating your marketing campaign

To get started, all you need to do is install our Slack app and choose Slack at your platform of choice.

You will be greeted with a welcome message and a prompt to create a new channel. Click Create New Channel.

Give your channel a name — just as you would an ordinary Slack channel.

Copy your unique URL which will appear like this:

app.m.io/uc/25e0u4 and share it with everyone you need to join this universal channel.

When your freelancer or developer clicks the link, they are prompted with a join screen.

When they click accept invite, they join in their own platform.

All the standard chat functionality is supported: emojis, file uploads, editing and deleting.

You can even thread across platform.

Create as many dedicated universal channels as you like to work through your deliverables.

How universal channels join up the marketing campaign experience

Whether you are working on a digital marketing campaign, an advertising campaign, or an email marketing campaign, universal channels join up campaigns by keeping your communications real-time.

Stay in sync with all your contractors and clients from start to finish.

No more email. No more app switching.

In conclusion, universal channels allow you to:

  1. Work with your agency
  2. Launch products faster
  3. Deliver campaigns more efficiently
  4. Spend more time managing accounts and less time managing comms

To accelerate your marketing campaigns, plan your next marketing campaign in a universal channel.



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