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Connect Slack and Webex Teams DMs

Connect Slack and Cisco Webex Teams DMs

Are there instances of both Slack and Webex Teams in your business? Do you DM more often than not? Does that mean your day involves flicking from one team chat app to another — just to make sure you haven’t missed any crucial messages?

Life would be so much simpler if you didn’t have to switch between multiple appsto catch up on all your messages, right? Enter Mio. A simple solution to connecting your direct messages across platform.

How does it work?

Imagine a world where you could see all of your Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams messages in the same place. That’s precisely what Mio does.

In a few simple steps, we pull team silos together into the chat tool that your employees prefer to use. That means no more pushing your team to use an app that they’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.

Step 1 — getting started & setup

Visit https://m.io and click on the Get Started button in the top, right-hand corner.

Sync enterpise chat DMs

You’ll then receive a message from our team to discuss specific needs of your team’s chat. Once finalized, you or your company’s IT admin will be provided with a URL, “companyname.m.io.” This is your Mio Hub. The Hub setup process is simple and quick.

When you get to the page below, enter your:

  • Business name
  • Mio subdomain name
  • Primary email address
  • Accounts you want to connect (In this case, Webex Teams and Slack)
Example of the Mio hub setup experience

Step 2 — team authorization

With your Mio hub setup, you can decide which team chat accounts you want Mio to have access to. For instance, you might want your sales teams on Webex to be able to direct message your engineering teams on Slack. With Mio, you have complete control.

Example of Team authorization on Mio

Step 3 — message routing and translation

Here’s where the clever stuff happens.

When all of your chat accounts are connected to Mio, our software will receive user messages as API events, which it can instantly translate into messages for the platform that your employees are using.

How message routing works with Mio

Mio routes the DMs to and from each user, without asking them to switch to a different tool. The same technology works to support cross-platform calling on Webex Teams and Slack.

The secure way to sync DMs across Slack and Webex Teams

Mio securely syncs DMs across all the messaging platforms in your company, so employees don’t have to worry about missed messages in apps they don’t check as often.

Mio is simple to set up:

  • Sync all the chat apps your teams use by creating your Mio Hub Add all teams, spaces & channels
  • Team members in your Mio Hub can immediately chat in DMs or groups with members on other platforms
  • File sharing, threaded messages, reactions and the ability to edit and delete messages are all supported
  • New channels or spaces an employee is invited to will be synced in the primary chat platform they prefer to use

If you are interested in exploring these options, we are here to discuss. To learn how Mio can sync multiple messaging platforms, check out this demo video of cross platform messaging.

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Chat better, together. Mio powers cross-platform messaging across Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom. Learn more at https://m.io

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