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Enterprise Chat Conference Coverage — Day 2 at Slack Frontiers & Atlassian Summit

By now you probably know that Message.io enables enterprise bots to work everywhere. Well, we definitely felt the “everywhere” aspect today, needing to be at two major enterprise conferences at the same time.

Heads up! If you missed our day one updates , be sure to read them here:

Slack’s Platform Team Announcements

Um… You had us at Platform. 😍
But seriously — If Slack’s opening day was all about leaping into the world of productivity and teamwork surrounded by secure layers of Slack and it’s channels, then day two was about platform partnerships and integrations that support and drive that mission.

Keynote speech at Slack Frontiers

Driving right in to Slack

Speaking of driving, Slack told us that each day, more than 250,000 Google Drive files are shared and imported into Slack.

Naturally, a deeper integration could be advantageous. Today, Slack announced Drivebot, in partnership with Google Cloud, which will leverage AI and Natural Language Processing through G Suite.

It will support four distinct notification types in Slack, including:

Comments: Get comments, replies or suggestions on documents that you care about.

Requests for access: Provide access to someone who does not have access to a document.

Newly shared files: A co-worker shares a file or document that is relevant or that you may care about.

Storage and quota: Know when you’re running out of space to store files.

Example of Google Drive on Slack
Drivebot’s “Comments” Notifications

Slack + ServiceNow for Managing Work Requests

ServiceNow and Slack logos

Yesterday, Slack’s VP of product April Underwood made the declaration that they believe Slack will replace email as the primary vehicle for work. By extension, that places big emphasis on their channels by keeping teams focused on all their necessary work activity, file-sharing, collaboration, communication, presentations, and more.

The “most requested integration ever” for Slack is now available. The ServiceNow integration means enterprise teams never have to worry about work requests that are frequent productivity killers— things like managing incoming customer support requests, resolving IT issues, handling HR workflows, and monitoring Security.

Example of ServiceNow plugin on Slack
ServiceNow integration from Slack

When the integration rolls out, teams can add Slack as a notification channel in ServiceNow’s UI, meaning ServiceNow incidents can be directly transmitted into any Slack channel. Then, teams can see a detailed view of the incident and work together to get resolution. Like any other Slack conversation, the dialogue is searchable as an archive visible to the entire team.

To request access for you team, and to learn more, you can head over to: slack.com/servicenow

Atlassian Features Stride at Their Product Keynote

Example of Atlassian Stride enterprise messaging

Just as Slack was starting day two, collaboration software provider Atlassian was busy unveiling their recently announced enterprise messaging product — Stride.

With HipChat being an enterprise communication platform, the goal for Atlassian with Stride was to be a place built from the ground up that was focused entirely on enterprise.

“Others in the market have started doing one element of this and then bolting on additional features, [such as] chat products adding video, document collaboration adding chat, etc., but those experiences create friction and don’t help you communicate more effectively with your team,” Goldsmith said in an article for ComputerWorld.

Atlassian Stride booth at Slack Frontiers

In a way, Stride was built to address from learnings the Atlassian team experienced with HipChat. When they stepped back, they realized there was no product that addressed meetings, messaging, and tracking + completing work in one product.

So, what makes Stride so unique for enterprise employees? Let’s dive in and explore some of the offerings:

Meetings are fully integrated in Stride

Meetings should be a frictionless experience and Stride allows control over meetings to happen in whatever channel works for you — including moving audio and video inside and outside of the Stride experience. You can also escalate meetings to specific channels which solves the problem of sending emails, calendar invites, text messages, and looking for rooms — all things that can quickly turn a meeting into an hour-long task.

Example of calendar meetings in Atlassian Stride

The Meeting Planner gives teams an ability to schedule meetings from within Stride — with Stride users or nonusers. Meetings can include one-to-one video, voice calling, screen sharing and remote control access, across all devices. Add a person to a call with one click and group video is free for all teams.

Additionally, you can now conduct Stride audio and video conferences right from within Trello, without having to shift between different applications.

Trello team sprint example
A video conference call within Trello

Improved Messaging for Enterprise Collaboration

Stride has an “Actions and Decisions” feature that surfaces the most important messages while users were away from Stride.

Atlassian Stride important messages functionality

Additionally, you can quickly and easily annotate messages in Stride to take action, and even check off what you’ve done. This solves a major pain point enterprise organizations have with real-time messaging.

“Focus Mode”
It’s often hard to find time to get your own work done these days. That’s where “Focus Mode” comes into play, which we think is awesome. Users deep in focus can mute all notifications and incoming messages, and even share what they are working on while away.

Example of Atlassian Stride messaging experience

The Stride Developer API:

Last but not least, The Stride team emphasized how extensibility is a key hallmark of the Atlassian DNA and Stride is powered by the most powerful API Atlassian has ever built, which includes:

  • Webhooks
  • A built-in marketplace
  • An app discovery framework
  • 1:1 conversation support for bots
  • Documentation
  • Additionally, these server app integrations will ship soon, with more to follow:
Applications that integrate with Atlassian Stride

And that’s a wrap on the highlights for day two!

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