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Guest Author Guidelines For Dispatch

Guest Post Guidelines for Dispatch

If you’d like to write for Mio’s publication, Dispatch, we’ve compiled our guest author guidelines below.

1 — Tone

Informational. Explain each best practice/tip/instruction, why it’s useful, and an example.

Please use you at all times. We talk to our readers.

We prefer the use of contractions like we’re and you’re instead of longer variants like we are and you are. It helps articles flow.

2 — Formatting

Please use heading 2 for subheadings (like “Formatting” above).

For subheadings with more than one word, we don’t capitalize all the words. (Like Word count below, rather than Word Count).

Use heading 3 for sub-sub headings, and heading 4 for anything within heading 3, etc.

If referencing research or a stat, please hyperlink to it so we (and the reader) know it’s genuine.

We write numbers one to nine as words and use figures for 10+.

For example, there are three examples of topics included above. But there are 150 blogs on the Mio blog.

3 — Word count


We only publish long-form content because we aim to be the most comprehensive version of the topic available online.

That doesn’t mean filling your post with extraneous information.

It does mean reaching out to experts for quotes, doing independent research to back up your claims, and adding screenshots to thoroughly walk through a tip or process.

Never use “and more”. If there is more, tell the reader!

Please do not include:

Stats older than 2020

Quotes from people with low / no social presence

Overly self-promotional copy

References to Mio competitors

4 — How we construct blog posts

  1. English (US).
  2. Use a Google Doc and share with edit access.
  3. We write to attract organic search traffic so will add headers and queries for you to add into your post. We view these as “must-include” sections. These are not optional.
  4. You must use the key phrase(s) in the first paragraph and at the beginning of the title (titles may be changed).
  5. (Almost) everything we write is key phrase-based. Bear this in mind. Also bear in mind this doesn’t mean stuffing your article with key phrases.
  6. While we write to attract organic traffic, this traffic is no good unless it’s the right traffic. Every blog post should have a reason for the reader to become a Mio customer. In some examples, the blog post is literally about Mio. But in other examples, the post might be a high-traffic article with the smallest mention of Mio.
  7. For any images (and there should be some), please use https://tinypng.com/ to compress first. There should be a useful image (instruction, screenshot, etc) in every section to break up the text.
  8. Please include no more than 250 words between headers. This is not optional.
  9. If you wish to go over 250 to explain in detail, please break up the section with a Heading 3 title.
  10. Within those 250-word sections, break up your text. There shouldn’t be any reason for a paragraph to be more than two sentences. This is not optional.
  11. Keep external links to a minimum. Dispatch should be used as a reference point where possible.
  12. You may link to your own blog posts or research (where relevant) — that’s why we guest post after all 😉
  13. We use the Oxford comma.

5 — Tips to reduce editing time (and get your post made live quicker):

Read our blog first. This is an absolute must.

Check out our website so you know what our product does and who our audience is.

Don’t forget to spell-check your work!

Capitalize your title using AP.

Use Hemingway to remove unnecessary adverbs and complexities.

If you don’t, we’ll notice because your copy will be full of long sentences and adverbs 🤢

That doesn’t mean making every change. But, Hemingway will make your writing a ton easier to read.

6— Author details

Author details: Please supply your full name, email address, bio, and profile image.

Here’s what our author bios look like. No, links aren’t permitted in here.

We’re always trying to make our guest author guidelines better so appreciate all feedback :)



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