How To Set Custom Status Messages In Webex

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3 min readApr 17, 2023

One of the best Webex features is the ability to set custom status messages, which can be helpful in letting your contacts know when you are available or unavailable for a meeting or conversation.

In this blog post, we will walk you through how to set custom status messages in Webex.

Step 1: Log in to Webex

The first step is to log in to Webex. You can do this by visiting the Webex website and entering your email address and password.

Step 2: Go to Set a status

Once you are logged in, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu, Set a status.

This will bring up a list of options for customizing your status messages.

Step 3: Choose your status message

In the “Status” tab, you will see a list of status messages that you can choose from. These include options like “Available”, “In a Meeting”, “On a Call”, and “Do Not Disturb”.

Click on the message that best reflects your current status.

Step 4: Customize your message

If you want to add more context to your status message, you can customize it by typing in the text box next to the status message.

For example, if you select “In a Meeting”, you can add the name of the meeting or the person you are meeting with.

Step 5: Save your changes

Once you have selected or customized your status message, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Your status message will now be displayed to your contacts when they view your profile or try to contact you.

In conclusion, setting custom status messages in Webex can be a helpful way to communicate your availability and let your contacts know when you are busy or available.

By following these simple steps, you can customize your status message and make it easier for your contacts to connect with you.

Bonus — Sync your presence across your collaboration apps

Say you’re on a Webex call and your presence is now red.

That means everyone sees it and nobody calls you, right?


What happens when you use Webex and Microsoft Teams? Or Webex and any other platform, for that matter?

What usually happens is you think you’re protected with your red presence indicator on Webex, but you haven’t updated your other apps and it’s that one colleague who doesn’t check Webex that needs to call you.

The end result?

You’re in a Webex call but you’re still getting bombarded with messages and missed calls.

It’s a total distraction and you can’t help but check what they need.

It shouldn’t be this way. And it soon won’t be!

We’re working on Presence Sync, which will automatically change your presence across your collaboration apps.

So when you change your presence in Webex, it automatically changes in Microsoft Teams too. Or Zoom or Slack.

There’s nothing technical for you to do either. And there’s no app to install.

You’ll just set your presence, Presence Sync links up your apps behind the scenes, and everyone knows when you’re busy, away, or available.

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