Mio Launches Zoom Team Chat Interop with Teams, Slack, and Webex

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2 min readJun 14, 2022

Zoom has a reputation for delivering happiness and now Zoom customers have one more reason to be happy:

Zoom users in the US can now use Mio to chat with users on Microsoft Teams and other team collaboration apps without ever leaving Zoom Team Chat.

Mio is now available to Zoom customers in the Zoom App Marketplace.

With the Mio app installed, Zoom Team Chat users can:

  • Join Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex channels
  • Exchange direct messages with Teams, Slack, and Webex users
  • Edit and delete messages, post threaded replies, emoji reactions, and files
Zoom Chat Interop with Microsoft Teams

In December 2021, Mio announced an $8.7 million investment led by Zoom and Cisco.

Since then, Zoom has teamed up with Mio to release several new chat APIs to enable a seamless interoperability experience for its customers.

“The addition of Zoom Team Chat to Mio’s universal messaging network marks a major step forward for the collaboration industry,” says Tom Hadfield, Mio CEO. “This brings us even closer to ‘Collaboration Nirvana’ where everyone can collaborate with each other, regardless of which chat app they are using.”

According to the Workplace Messaging Report, 91% of businesses use at least two messaging apps. Another study by Unify Square shows that 85% of end users report monitoring multiple collaboration applications throughout the day.

Zoom and Cisco are not alone in embracing openness.

As Jeff Teper, head of Microsoft 365 collaboration, told The Verge recently: “There’s not going to be a one and only communications tool on the planet. People are going to choose a number of tools, so it’s on us as responsible vendors to make sure they can interoperate.”

Visit www.m.io for more information, or install Mio from the Zoom App Marketplace.



Dispatch by Mio

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