The We Are Healing: Live Podcast Launches Friday, 5.3.2024

Inspiring Stories of Transformation, Spirituality & Holistic Healing

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I am thrilled to introduce you to the We Are Healing: Live Podcast, Inspiring Stories of Transformation, Spirituality & Holistic Healing, it is a transformative platform dedicated to exploring the power of holistic healing modalities.

The podcast will stream live on Friday’s at 6 PM Pacific to my Facebook Page, The We Are Healing: Podcast Facebook Group, and the podcast’s new YouTube channel. Links and info to all of the above are at the bottom of this article.


The Driving Force

The mission of this podcast is to highlight and showcase healers and their stories, and the stories of the people they help, and people who have been through their own self-healing transformations, and even skeptics, and those who are considering holistic healing but aren’t sure how to go about it, or if it can be trusted.

The Truth is that holistic healing, focussing on wellness in a new way, has gained a lot of ground recently.

Now more than ever, people are talking about energy, doing yoga, meditating, and magically — more and more people are Spiritually Awakening.

We are in a paradigm shift, and The collective is moving to a higher state of awareness, and consciousness. This means a deeper and clearer connection to nature, creation, and how things really work on multiple levels of our reality. When this happens, we seek to heal ourselves, and we recognize that the way we’ve been handling our health hasn’t worked.

The facts are that the medical community loses money when people stop needed them, and therefore it’s all about TREATMENT, not ELIMINATION of what people are dealing with chronically.

Not so coincidentally, we have more tampering with nature than ever before, from our food, to our water and oceans, and our skies, and more people have chronic illnesses now than ever before, with a large portion of these people being children.

As more people wake up and understand that their health needs to be in their hands, that maybe they need to try to get to the root of what is wrong, not just medicate the symptoms, and new considerations have to be made because nothing has yet to CURE the problems.

As an Archangelic Incarnate, and someone connected at the highest of levels spiritually, and Divinely, I am in the business of eliminating chronic conditions, chronic pain, illnesses, and disease.

The details aren’t what’s complicated or necessarily important, because regardless of what is wrong with a person, ENERGY is connected to it, and once that ball of energy is untangled, and transmuted, the energy that causes the chronic issues also disappear.

I have not only many stories of my clients undergoing miraculous transformations, but I have my own story of going from being chronically sick and literally disabled to super-human, and it didn’t take many treatments, or a long time. I had an experience that lasted about an hour and included astral projection to the highest of dimensions, and curing myself of everything that was wrong in a few moments once returning to my body.

Of course, there are many details of this story that you may want to know about, and I intend to tell it on my podcast, but for now, you can read the article I wrote a few years ago about it here:

While my story is NOT typical by any stretch of the imagination, not from how sick I was, what was wrong with me, to how I was healed, and ultimately, where that brought me.

But, truth be told, no one's story of complete transformation is typical.

For those of us who “healed ourselves,” and I put that in quotes because there’s always the spiritual component to it, and how our Guides & Guardians help make it happen, that without THEM, those magical and miraculous stories wouldn’t exist. This is true whether the person was conscious or not, but typically, they understand that it wasn’t them alone that did the magic, it was them being guided to experience and accept the magic.

So, as each of us who have magical, miraculous healings, have the unique stories that go along with it. These are the stories I want to bring to the world, along with the stories of those people, like myself, who are guided to help others heal too, and then the stories of the healings they were eventually helping to facilitate. It’s a wonderful, beautiful loop that needs to be brought more into the world.

Of course, there is the much larger group of people who have decided to become healers, and they possibly didn’t have a miraculous healing connected to their story like some of us do, there’s even a good chance they are called to be healers when they are still healing quite a lot, and the act of helping others is taking them through their own healing journey. Then theirs the last group, the people who are guided to any of the above for some sort of holistic healing.

From plant medicine to Reiki, to the more big-time WOO-WOO, mystical and spiritual like I facilitate, it’s all under the umbrella of holistic healing.

This is possibly why there are many myths and mysticism around holistic healing. There’s a lot of people in the world who think it’s all crazy, and any of us who “buy into it” are nuts, liars, seeking attention, and/or have been taken my con-artists.

This is the problem, that it’s misunderstood and disregarded.

The mainstream, and most of the world at large, do not understand what a big deal this is. That we can use natural resources like plants, herbs, flowers, and our energy and spiritual connections to create massive healing experiences in our lives, and the lives of those who work with us.

There’s a deeply embedded program that says, “if it cannot be explained by science, then you cannot trust it.” Which, of course, goes against what we need to do to trust ourselves and have faith that we will experience things that are powerful, invisible, and very, very real.

And of course, science is too busy with creating new medications to look into just how powerful holistic healing is, and what some of us have done with ourselves and others that most people would say isn’t possible.

Besides, we need to understand that the medical establishment, big pharma, and the food industry DO NOT CARE ABOUT OUR HEALTH & WELLBEING.

They care about profits, not cures. Not ending our chronic conditions, but profiting off them. Helping to create them, and keeping everything contained and controlled. This is a fact.

Shifting The Narrative: Holistic Healing Changes Lives

I was guided to create this platform, to showcase and highlight the reality of holistic medicine and just how powerful it truly is.

By meeting and having fun, exciting conversations about healing and spirituality, we will help bring it into the mainstream.

More people need to know about, understand and choose to try holistic medicine, so they can stop taking prescription meds, and deal with chronic issues for the rest of their lives, like western medicine would love to have it, so they can continue to profit.

The only way to do this is for the people who have been healed in a multitude of ways step up and share their stories, and better yet — do it LIVE so they can take questions, and truly help others understand what’s possible.

Be A Guest On The We Are Healing: Live Podcast!

Whether you are a healer, someone with a profound healing experience, or a skeptic or an unsure explorer, there are several fantastic reasons to join me on my podcast.

Benefits for Healers

Expand Your Reach
Sharing your experiences as a healer and why you are called to do this work helps your current audience and clients get to know you better, and organically attracts new clients.

Connect with a Community
Help be a part of, and create a supportive community of healers dedicated to holistic healing, and spiritual wellness.

Expand Your Knowledge
Gain insights from fellow healers and learn about new modalities, and ways to enhance your practice, and even collaborate!

Benefits for Individuals with Healing Experiences:

Find Validation and Support
Help be a part of, and create a community that supports, understands the holistic healing and spirituality journey.

Inspire Others
Share your healing story to inspire others and encourage them to explore holistic healing, and to share openly about it.

Explore Holistic Healing
Discover new healers, resources, and modalities to continue your path to wellness.

Benefits for Skeptics and Nervous Explorers

✶ Safe Exploration
Explore holistic healing in a non-judgmental environment and dispel myths.

✶ Educational Opportunity
Learn about different modalities and approaches to healing from experts in the field.

✶ Empower Yourself
Make informed decisions about your health and well-being and discover the potential of holistic healing.

What could you expect as a guest on my podcast?

Creating an Atmosphere of Joy and Authenticity

First and foremost, it’s about creating an atmosphere of joy and authenticity. While healing and spirituality are serious matters, they’re also magical and adventurous — rooted in LIGHT, LOVE & FUN.

Facilitating a Supportive Space

I’ve facilitated countless client sessions, consultations, and live broadcasts, fostering a space where people feel safe to open up, share, and be supported.


Transitioning from recorded to LIVE WEEKLY PODCASTS marks a significant shift.

Committing to a weekly show, airing on Fridays in the evening, sets a relaxed tone — a time for unwinding and connecting.

Embracing Real-Time Participation and Interaction

Going live allows for real-time participation and interaction, adding depth and energy to the conversations. It’s about embracing spontaneity and the raw beauty of shared experiences.

Calling All Healers, Seekers, and Curious Souls

Are you a healer with insights to share? Perhaps you’ve embarked on a personal healing journey that has transformed your life? Or maybe you’re simply curious and seeking to explore the realms of holistic healing and spirituality?

Overcoming Fears of Being On Camera & Sharing Your Story

I understand that stepping into the spotlight and sharing personal stories can be scary and daunting.

When I started my journey, I too grappled with the idea of being seen, and sharing intimate details about my life. However, I quickly realized the power in overcoming these fears.

Sharing our stories empowers us and inspires others to do the same. It’s a transformative experience that allows us to grow and connect on a deeper level.

My guides helped me with this when they present me with this question:

Are you OK with being selfish? Keeping valuable information and experiences from those who need it? Those searching for people and experiences to relate to, to help them continue their journey? Especially those in pain who need to know there are alternatives to western medicine? Keeping the much-needed testimony of your healing from others who need to escape their current chronic pain and illnesses?

Of course, the answer was NO to all of those questions, and it helped me put things into perspective.

It’s beyond me and my fears and what’s comfortable. It’s about helping others.

So, I invite you to join me on this adventure.

Let’s create magic together and illuminate the path for others to follow.

Together, we can make a difference and spread LIGHT and HEALING VIBES to all corners of the world.

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Excited to join me on the podcast? Follow this link to fill out the podcast guest request form.

We Are Healing FaceBook Group

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Join Us On Facebook

Another way to benefit from this podcast is the new We Are Healing Facebook Group I created to support us and have a place where we can come together before, during and after live streams. A place to share stories, ask questions, and build a community of like-minded health and Soul-based Light Bodies!

Join the new We Are Healing: Live Podcast Facebook Group

The podcast will stream live to both my page, and the group page.

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You can catch the live show and the replays on YouTube as well as Facebook!

I just created a dedicated new channel for the podcast, so please subscribe! My goal is to have 100 subscribers by the first live show on May 3, 2024.

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Google Music & Podcasts

Thank you for reading about my new live podcast!

I invite you to watch live and participate via YouTube or Facebook, join the Facebook Group, and consider telling your story of healing, request to be a guest on the show!

Help me bring the magical and powerful truths of holistic healing to a new level of awareness and acceptance by sharing your experiences and stories.

Mark your calendars for Friday, May 3rd, 2024, at 6 PM PACIFIC, when we kick off our first live episode!

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