153 Florida residents thank UF Professor Kevin Folta for fighting myths about GMOs

To The Administration of the University of Florida,

The age of social media brings us “alternative facts”, “fake news”, and a wealth of misinformation that spreads like never before in history. Extremist groups have been able to shape public opinion on biotechnology using such deceitful tactics.

In recent years a group of scientists, science communicators, and science enthusiasts have risen up to combat the myths perpetuated by these people. On the forefront of this battle is Professor Kevin Folta of the University of Florida. He has faced smear campaigns and threats of violence against his family, just because he has decided to stand up for science.

As residents of Florida we wish to express our appreciation for the bravery he has shown over the years. His personal sacrifices have brought honor to his university.

We thank you for continuing to encourage his fight against unnecessary fear mongering that harms those in developing nations who need this technology the most.

Yours truly,

Citizens of Florida