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Aug 30 · 2 min read

Note: Contrary to insinuations made by Ms. Gillam, neither myself nor Dr. Mary Mangan have been in contact with Monsanto or any of their PR firms or front groups about her book.

Recently published an interview with Carey Gillam, research director for US Right to Know (a non-profit set up and heavily funded by the anti-vaccination movement and is currently collaborating with Scientology lawyers). Gillam’s book, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science used a heavy dose of cherry picking to make it look like all science showing glyphosate (one of the most commonly used herbicides) to be safe was part of a Monsanto plot. If you believe her book, then Monsanto (before being bought by Bayer) managed to take control of every scientific organization on the planet despite being smaller than many organic food companies.

The interview was titled after one of Gillam’s quotes, about her book not having any factual errors. As many errors have been pointed out to her via multiple outlets, all of which remain unaddressed, it is in my opinion that she is lying.

Dr. Mary Mangan, writing for Biofortified, gave the best breakdown of these lies that I have been able to find yet. (I read the book as well and pointed out some in my Amazon review, but lack Dr. Mangan’s credentials.)

Here are five lies told by Carey Gillam that most book reviewers and interviewers have missed or ignored:

  1. Claims glyphosate causes Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, except the data shows it doesn’t.
  2. Claims Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma rates went up over the last 20 years when they have actually remained the same.
  3. Reports that Glyphosate is found in breast milk when the peer-reviewed literature shows it is not.
  4. Blames the retraction of Séralini’s study on Richard Goodman, when he was not involved in its review.

5. Falsely smears independent groups like Science Moms and March Against Myths as being run by industry (they’re not).

For a thorough breakdown of each one of these lies, and more misinformation, please read Dr. Mangan’s review here.

The Method

Promoting sustainable technology and exposing those who demonize it.

Stephan Neidenbach

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The Method

Promoting sustainable technology and exposing those who demonize it.

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