I have let down the science community once again, and I am sorry

In December I apologized to my followers for using my social media platform to raise money for my students. A Freedom of Information Act request had been filed seeking emails and documentation relating to the donations. This request was fulfilled by my school system shortly thereafter.

Mr. Noah Manning, the investigator, is now seeking additional information. His latest request appears to insinuate that I may have stolen the money, am using the classroom materials for my personal life, or am in some way profiting off of these generous donations made for my students.

In the spirit of transparency, and to ease any concerns from the amazing people who helped contribute, I am posting my full response here:

All deliveries were signed for and processed through the main office, and I did not keep the receipts that came with the deliveries.
No fundraiser forms were completed because at no point was money transferred to me personally. All funds remained with Donors Choose and Adopt A Classroom and transferred directly to online stores where the items were shipped from.
5 Lenovo Chromebooks and their breakdowns can be viewed at Donor’s Choose here: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/examining-global-citizenship-through-onl/2413117/?challengeid=20863057
Two of the Lenovo Chromebooks went missing over the summer (along with two of my personal tablets) from the technology room closet where I had left them. I reported this to our IT technician at the beginning of the school year. She believes they may have been sent to a warehouse with other school computers that were found in closets during summer clean ups, but I have not heard anything since.
One Asus Chromebook and its breakdown can be viewed at Donor’s Choose here: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/chromebook-collaboration/2296729/?challengeid=20863057
10 cases of paper and their breakdown can be found here: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/ditched-the-textbook-now-we-just-need-p/2281088/?challengeid=20863057
I have the 4 remaining Donors Choose laptops, and 3 ordered through the Adopt A Classroom funding, in my classroom.
What remaining paper there is can be found in the technology room closet.
While the records kept at Adopt A Classroom are not public record, as they are not kept by PGCPS, in the spirit of transparency I will post a breakdown of the orders found in my order history here:
5 — jWIN USB to 3.5mm Headset/Mic Audio Adapter $53.95
1 — Asus — Flip C302CA 12.5'Touch-Screen Chromebook $460.72
2 — HP Chromebook 11 G5 $313.52
1 — SIIG USB 3.1 GEN 1 Type-C to Type-A Adapter Cable $9.01
4 — Iceberg Metal Folding Chair, Black $99.96
1 — Realspace(R) Molded Plastic Top Folding Table, 5 Wide, Platinum $59.99
1 — SanDisk Ultra 128 GB SDXC $53.99
1 — TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, TL-WR940N $29.99
1 — SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC $68.89
1 — Kleenex(R) 2-Ply Facial Tissue, Boutique(TM) Box, 95 Tissues Per Box, Pack Of 6 Boxes $11.29
1 — Band-Aid(R) Plastic Bandages, One Size, Box Of 60 $3.09
1 — Clorox(R) Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon Fresh, Pack Of 75 Wipes $5.29
2 — Logitech(R) K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard With Built-In Trackpad, Black $79.98
1 — BIC(R) Round Stic(R) Ballpoint Pens, Medium Point, 1.0 mm, Translucent Barrel, Blue Ink, Box Of 60 $5.99
1 — U.S. Stamp amp; Sign Century Series ADA Sign,6 x 9, Restroom, Black/Silver $8.89
1 — HeadLine Century Series Office Sign — 1 Each — Office Print/Message — 9 Width x 3 Height — Rectangular Shape — Silver Print/Message Color — Black $8.79
1 — Swingline(R) Speed Pro(TM) Electric Pencil Sharpener — Graphite, Green $68.99
Shipping and processing fees for the orders were $159.40
I currently have $173.24 remaining for future classroom supply orders.
If Mr. Manning has any questions specifically about how any of the items are being used (as there would not be a public record of giving a band-aid to a student), I would be happy to answer any questions he has. He may also want to consider contacting Donors Choose and Adopt A Classroom directly if he has any concerns about my accounts with them.

I do need to come clean about certain items on the list. I have blown my nose several times using those tissues and have more than likely gone home with a pen in my pocket. Please forgive me. This week I will bring in a box of tissues and several pens from home in order to rectify the situation. I take my my responsibilities as an educator seriously, and will personally apologize to my students.

My offer of course is extended to the international community as well. If anyone is concerned about the use of any of the above items in my classroom, feel free to contact me.

I didn’t get paid to write this, but if you would like to support my classroom you can donate here: https://adoptaclassroom.force.com/donors/s/designation/a1mC0000002NxGLIA0/stepha-neidenbach