I’m Stephan Neidenbach, I run We Love GMOs and Vaccines, and I’m sorry.


Nothing I say or do can possibly make amends for my recent actions.

When I began the page We Love GMOs and Vaccines nearly four years ago, I was not quite sure what I was going to do with it. Should I just poke and make fun of the anti-science movements? Should I take it seriously and post about the science? I ended up with a page that mixed the two together.

It meant that I would forever be a child of two worlds. Scientists would never quite take me seriously, but I wasn’t exactly entertaining enough to start a podcast or YouTube channel.

As the page grew I brainstormed ideas of what I should do with it. When money was tight and day care bills were high I considered monetizing things. I did the tee-shirt sales and Amazon affiliate links. But neither exactly made me any money worth writing home about.

So I tried something different.

I am a public school teacher. Currently teaching technology concepts and integration, previously social studies and even a few years in special education.

When the teachers at our school were told that budgets were tight and the copy paper supply was extremely limited, I decided to ask my page followers for donations. And they came through. Over the past couple of years my followers have bought me 10 cases of paper, 7 Chromebooks, and have donated about $1,000 for equipment purchases and upgrades.

For this I am truly sorry. My greed in placing the needs of my students over that of tee-shirt revenues for myself is truly inexcusable. And this week my punishment came through.

Someone by the name of Noah Manning has filed a freedom of information act request on all electronic documents related to my fund raising. He will discover that I did indeed put my students first.

Please don’t fault Mr. Manning. I have personally filed 100 requests on public officials around the country. I firmly believe in transparency. He is most likely looking for donations from chemical companies, and I can’t blame him. After all I did once write an article telling Monsanto that they can go to Hell.

If my students were benefiting from corporations, the public does have a right to know.

Fortunately for Mr. Manning, he does not even need to wait for the documents to be turned over. Both Donor’s Choose and Adopt A Classroom are 100% transparent. Lists of donors can be found there, unless they donated anonymously. If they donated anonymously I do not have access to their information any more than he does.

But his lesson has hit home. Perhaps it was truly a mistake to put my students first and use my odd social media profile to send some extra paper and technology their way. In the future perhaps I will just go back to Amazon affiliate links to put myself first.

They bought Whole Foods after all, and nobody faults anyone for being a Whole Foods shill.

I don’t get paid to write, but if you would like to support my classroom you can donate here: https://adoptaclassroom.force.com/donors/s/designation/a1mC0000002NxGLIA0/stepha-neidenbach