Monsanto can go to Hell

Monsanto just happens to be right on science when it comes to at least two things. GMOs are no riskier than their conventionally bred counterparts, and glyphosate is a lot better for health and the environment than alternative herbicides (like paraquat).

But that doesn’t mean the company itself is all that great.

Recently it was discovered that specific research and articles were ghostwritten by Monsanto. Long time contributor to the world of debunking pseudoscience, Henry Miller, was caught having copied most of a draft for a Forbes article prepared by the seed company. Recent research following a decision by the IARC to include glyphosate alongside shift work and being a hairdresser as a class 2a carcinogen was also ghostwritten by Monsanto.

Monsanto isn’t the only company that sells GMOs, and they are not even the largest producer in the world of glyphosate (that award goes to China). Every major scientific organization in the world has looked at mountains of independent research and have declared both to be of relatively low risk. Especially the crops themselves.

Science is on their side, and yet they made themselves look like it isn’t to those without a critical eye.

Because the anti-GMO movement is all about silencing any and all speech against their bogus claims, they are now attacking science writer Kavin Senapathy. She co-wrote a few articles with Miller, and these organic industry front groups are trying to insinuate that she is being paid by corporations other than the actual media outlets she writes for.

They already have all of the Monsanto emails via a lawsuit in California. Does her name come up in any of them? Apparently not. Instead of explaining what they think she got wrong, they want her completely silenced on the basis of Monsanto’s and Miller’s stupidity.

This is all because some of the decision makers at Monsanto are acting like idiots. Again, on at least glyphosate and GMOs, science is on their side. Why do they feel the need to act shady? These are now just more tools the anti-biotechnology extremists can use against anyone that dares say the words “maybe GMOs aren’t so bad after all”.

The goal of the organization behind this attack (US Right to Know) couldn’t be more clear. They are sending a message to anyone that speaks up for science that if they do so they will become part of their smear campaign.

USRTK is just a new merchant of doubt, and they have no morals. Unfortunately for those (like me) that are not in it for the money, Monsanto just threw us all under the bus. Leaving us there for the fear based industries to write the eulogy.

I have toured their location in St. Louis and believe many of their employees are great people. The higher ups just have some soul searching to do.

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