Organic industry funded NGO accused of colluding with Russia

Gary Ruskin, director of US Right To Know (US RTK), is being accused of working with the Russian government to discredit scientists in the United States.

The complaint emerged on a recent article posted by the American Council For Science and Health (ACSH). The author, Hank Campbell, alleges that Ruskin may be in violation of the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act. According to ACSH, if he is indeed working in the political interest of a foreign government then he must file as a foreign agent.

In much the same way that Russia was more favorable to a Trump presidency than a Clinton one, Russia also has a potential financial interest in seeing a technology led by the United States continue to be demonized globally.

Their goals are certainly in line. OCA would like to justify the millions it gets from its clients and increase market share for them without succeeding in the free market, while Russia has made no secret that American energy and food need to be kept out of Europe if Russia is to prevent NATO resistance to its political goals.
US Right To Know has been happy to help, hand-picking prominent pro-science targets (us) for extermination and sending them to Russian propaganda sites to manufacture “international” coverage. Naturally Russia Today has been happy to do so.

OCA refers to the Organic Consumer’s Association, the primary funder of Ruskin’s non-governmental organization. They have recently come under fire by NPR for their contribution to a Minnesota measles outbreak.

On a larger scale, “USRTK and RT both share a common agenda: To undermine American science and technology for financial gain. Gary gets more money from organic activists, and Russia worries less about competing against America’s multinational agriculture companies,” according to ACSH

The accusations began to stem from a recent article from RT that mentions, “a minor document filed by a sue-and-settle law firm for a lawsuit against Monsanto in the Northern District of California. The only interesting thing about the document was that Gary appears to have gotten the law firm to include the patently false claim that Monsanto is paying off organizations, like the American Council on Science and Health (us), to lie about ‘chemicals.’”

US RTK, however, dismisses the allegations. A letter to ACSH from Ruskin’s lawyer states that, “Mr. Ruskin has never knowingly been in contact, directly or indirectly, with the Russian government or any Russian political party, with regard to the work of U.S. Right to Know.

The new accusation appears to be a continuation from earlier ones. Two years ago RT (which NPR calls a “Russian propaganda channel”) interviewed Adam Eidinger about being the DC coordinator for March Against Monsanto. Eidiner’s PR firm was paid for by Dr. Bronner’s, another major donor to both OCA and US RTK. RT has frequently reported on such protests, while ignoring the counter protests.

Ruskin’s lawyer has given ACSH until May 25th, 2017 to remove the accusations from their web page or they will “pursue all legal remedies”.

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