On design in user stories and user experience departments

Podcast (20:48) | Thoughts on the role of design in agile user stories, the necessary technical skills required to do UX work, as well as the benefit of user experience departments in organizations.

Michael Schofield
Apr 25, 2017 · 1 min read

One new episode of Metric (a user experience podcast) over coffee before a string of interviews to round-out the month of April. In this episode:

  • What role does photoshop play in UX?
  • Should “design” be part of a user story?
  • What are the necessary technical abilities for doing UX?
  • What are your thoughts on UX Departments


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Michael Schofield

Written by

User Experience Development Lead @WhereByUs. 🎙 Metric: the User Experience Design Podcast (metricpodcast.com).



High-level practical design thinking by Michael Schofield

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