The Nintendo Switch

Chad Haefele, Tim Broadwater, and Michael Schofield totally conjecture about the user experience of the Nintendo Switch and the nostalgia market.

A person detaching one of the joycons from the Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch — Metric: A UX Podcast

Even if you’re not much of a gamer, the modular design of the Nintendo Switch is super compelling. What you see in its reveal is an experience that moves not just between your living room screen and your backpack, but one that adapts to different social contexts.

Its controllers — joycons — peal off, can attach to a more conventional lean-back controller, or pop-on to the sides of the screen when you leave the house, or divvied-up between friends for — you know — some roof co-op (watch the video, really). What’s more, there’s a really good likelihood that joycons might be able to be switched out for alternate designs.

Nintendo’s really selling the experience here.


Remediation is the process through which the characteristics and approaches of competing media are imitated, altered, and critiqued in a new medium… (or) the representation of one medium in another. — Meredith Davis

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