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Metric, Episode 68 — Fully transcribed | How do you get the experience you need — or want — to take that next step in your UX career? Our heroes’ existential crisis.

Michael Schofield
Feb 18 · 18 min read
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“D” for Design

— and we think it’s kind of tired.

“Design” is an insufficient descriptor for the jobs we want

I think what you were just talking about [before we started recording] is what you want to do in your job. What’s the role you want to fill. That’s where I said that I used to want to be called aUX developer,” but I kind of want now to be a “UX product manager.”

It’s not UX without research. — A Metric maxim.

So for years I liked “UX developer:” I am prototyping something, putting it in front of a user, getting testing and having that research — someone that’s actually building a product and bringing it to market.

What ideally is the next career step?

If you could write your job description and you could do anything that you want to do. How do you determine what that is?

Imagining experience design leadership. Is it necessary — or even useful — to have “experience” represented in the C-Suite?

Tim Is this like a CXO, a chief experience officer or is it more like a UX director?

How do you get experience enough to take that next career step when it’s not a substantial part of your current work?

I guess in my heart of hearts I imagine myself as just like a UX Care Bear. I just want to do good in the world. I just want to help people that help the world.

Passion certainly helps

Michael Years ago when I was hunting around for UX podcasts, there was a 12 episode long podcast that I stumbled across where I think it was an undergraduate user experience or human computer interaction student and he was interviewing Luke Wroblewski, who fascinates me ….

Choose employers — if you can — who encourage you to step outside your job description.

Michael There’s an aspect to this that implies a certain amount of privilege of choice, but being choosy about your employer as much as you can, and consistently looking for like the right job when you know you’re not in it.

Accept you won’t find the perfect job, but also that job isn’t a life sentence.

Tim The other thing is it’s like a lot of people I don’t believe the whole American Dream bullshit, which is if you can just find out what it is you love to do and just do that and kind of write money on it, just like it’s like the whole Hope Floats thing.


High-level practical design thinking by Michael Schofield

Michael Schofield

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High-level practical design thinking by Michael Schofield